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Loan Programs

Don’t be frightened if you or a client just missed out on qualifying for conventional financing. We can help with our Hard Money loan programs: – Backed by over 3 decades of trust! – Fastest funding within 48 hours! – Unique Alt-A Hard Money Program with rates as low as *5%! Loan of the...

Victor Goliac Real Estate Broker Bucharest, Roman

Victor Goliac Real Estate Broker Bucharest, Romania Bread Factory located by Danube, Romania. The company does Mill and bread making. Grounds 10,000 mp Buildings 6,000 mp. Wheat storage, has own autos for delivery, customer base (established) Italian equipment (3 years old). Production : Euro 4,000,000.00...

4 Class B/C Office Buildings for Sale in Dallas

We have 4 value add office buildings in Dallas all owned by the same person. 1.64,500'----$6mm 2.47,000'---$6.125mm 3.57,000'---$7mm 4.67,500'--$8.2 mm These are not listed -An old client of mine owns these and I have the right to post these for sale. Please contact me to discuss the details on...

Shopping Outlet-Michigan-10.75% CAP

Shopping outlet for sale in Michigan with 75% occupancy, NOI $1,073,798, Price $9,988,000, CAP 10.75%, GLA 112,570. Contact me for details.

I am looking for Real estate business.

I am looking for Real estate business.


MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTIES....ATTRACTIVE REFINANCE TERMS....75% LTV....4.50% Interest Rate....10 year Term....30 year Am....Non-recourse....No capital improvement escrow....Please call if I can assist....Thanks, Dave Hare

Have Numerous Commercial Projects

Currently have projects with funding 1. $6m line or credit needed / no cash receive 1/3rd equity $11m net 2. 72 unit condo need $9m credit / no cash 1/3rd equity $7m net

Need Funding For Your Projects

We are looking for projects that need funding to complete or to start and bring to completion. Starting at $30 million and can get funding up to $ 5-10 Billion. We can fund project around the world except war zones. Just about any type of projects we can help. Please do not bring us dreamer projects....

Real estate and site selection: Our real estate te

Real estate and site selection: Our real estate team helps you choose a location with maximum profit potential through a review of your desired area, demographics research and much more. Plus we assist with lease negotiation, helping you to get started on opening your fitness club quickly. Contact...

Boutique Hotel on Ocean

$250k gets a 5% equity in Boutique Hotel.