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Graphic Finishing

A solid company, working for over twenty years in graphic finishing for clients of great expression and high production volume. Strong growth. One of the leading in the industry. Very lucrative. Lean structure. Excellent facilities.

HR Consulting Company

Extremely attractive company, working for over ten years in the area of human resources consulting, training, development, recruitment, selection and also young talent. Market leader in the region where it operates. Modern and efficient structure using renowned professionals from each area.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. Leading clients, multinational and national companies. The company is fully qualified to participate in bids. Vast track record of successful projects. Lean structure. Competent and competitive. Environmental licensing. Environmental...

Engineering and Consulting - Oleo e Gas

Engineering company focused on Oil and Gas projects with over 15 years of experience. Excellent clients, private and public companies. Exceptional technical collection. Lean structure. Basic and executive design of networks, pipelines, terminals, automation; investment planning.

Graphic industry

Extremely attractive company, operating for more than five years in the graphic printing market for newspapers, pamphlets and magazines in newsprint and offset. Modern industrial park with capacity for expansion.


In operation for over 10 years, this visual communication company has a client portfolio of over 1,000 names, including Alpargatas, Jogê Lingerie and Casa do Pão de Queijo. Fully structured and ready to continue working.

Company of the Visual and Graphic Design Segment

Empresa do Segmento de Com. Visual e Gráfica - Contact the seller for more details.

IT company focused on City Hall and Public Organs

Company integrating solutions with main focus on City Halls for the modernization of Public Management in software and hardware.

Graphic Arts segment of the company

Empresa do segmento de Artes Gráficas - Contact the seller for more details.

Segment Company Of Decoration, Arts

Empresa do Segmento de Objetos de Decoracao, Artes e peças de Mobiliário - Contact the seller for more details.

Sports Lawn Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de Gramados Esportivos - Contact the seller for more details.

DVD Commercialization And Production Company

He has been in the market of training and commercialization of products for the development and business training with the best Brazilian consultants for 23 years. Business Highlights . Customer portfolio with more than 40 thousand registrations; . The largest in the market in number of training...