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Machine and Equipment Manufacturer

This company is one of the market leaders. Focused on the manufacture of equipment of various sizes according to customer needs. In prime location, it is part of a booming economy. They prevail over the competition due to their excellent reputation, quality of service and economy of scale.

Clothing store

Consolidated brand, recognized and with excellent reputation. Prime location in constant growth and appreciation. Large Portfolio of Customers. Opportunity to enter an economically rich and expanding region with an established and reputable brand. High profitability.

School of Informatics and Vocational Courses

This school is the leader in your region. Acting for over 10 years has earned an excellent reputation that is synonymous with quality and seriousness. In prime location, it is part of a rich and expanding economy. Minimal competition and high profitability.

Medical Store

This business is very easy to learn, own and operate. Has Contract with Public Agencies. Important Clients in the Portfolio. Strong projection of growth. There is no seasonality in this type of market. Real possibility of increasing the product line, the Distribution, the number of Customers and opening...