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Uniform Making Company

Conceptual and traditional company of professional uniforms, with clients in the segments of industry, transport, retail and schools. He works with companies where the quality of uniforms is indispensable. It also operates in the retail sector with prompt delivery to small businesses or individual customers....

Clothing store

Consolidated brand, recognized and with excellent reputation. Prime location in constant growth and appreciation. Large Portfolio of Customers. Opportunity to enter an economically rich and expanding region with an established and reputable brand. High profitability.

Professional Uniform Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de Uniforme Profissional - Contact the seller for more details.

Furniture & Furnishings

Empresa do Segmento Mobiliário Confecção e Acessórios Infantil e Bebê - Contact the seller for more details.

Women's Intimate Fashion Store

Lingerie Retail Stores - Contact the seller for more details.