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Distribuidora de Material Elétrico

Solid company, more than 30 years in the market. Fine reputation among customers. Excellent, traditional clients. The company works with all the main suppliers. Efficient and lean structure. Strategically located in a region with easy access.

Medical Equipment and Supplies Distributor,

Company of excellent results, solid, with strong growth. Excellent reputation. Its clients are public agencies at federal, state and municipal levels. Efficient and lean structure. Competent administration, 100% trained staff. More than ten years of activities. All regular documentation.

Fast graphic

Fast graphics with innovative proposal to offer sustainable solutions for document production.

Electrical Distributor

Solid company, operating for over 10 years, with excellent concept in the market. It has great and traditional customers, works with all major suppliers in the industry. It has efficient and lean structure. Strategically located in easily accessible region.