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Security and Access Control Systems

A fast growing company, market leader, operating for over 10 years with current and innovative products. The company offers complete solutions for security and access control systems, including CCTV technology and alarms. It has and develops specific software for each type of control, with its own...

Corporate Event Buffet

Company specializing in corporate events. It works with the creation of innovative and differentiated events for large companies. It has been operating in the market for over ten years exploring the gourmet concept in its creations and products.



With great location in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, this room performs on average 500 calls / month. Fully structured, it has 2 parking spaces in front, scheduling systems (online) and charge per command, in addition to having an experienced team.


This is a hall with more than 10 years of operation, in a great location in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, near shopping malls, colleges, banks and shops. Carries about 3,000 calls / month and has a structure of 10 cutting positions + 15 manicure positions + 2 rooms for aesthetic treatment + 5 rooms...

Aesthetics and Beauty

Consolidated brand in the market, with years of experience, always caring for good service, quality in service, hygiene and above all preserving the safety of its customers and ensuring their satisfaction and care. It has several services, such as: aesthetics, beauty salon, hair removal and photodepilation....

Travel agency

Company established since 2012 with clientele in formation and growing. Customer recognition begins to emerge with the completion of the first year of existence, when people who traveled the previous year are returning to shop. Low initial investment and good growth prospects. It has full portability...

Spa & Spa Business

Empresa do Segmento Estatico e Spa - Contact the seller for more details.

Aesthetic Segment Business - Services For Mu

Empresa do Segmento de Estética - Serviços para mulheres - Contact the seller for more details.


Confidential - Contact the seller for more details.