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Auction: Medical Scribe Education & Licensing (Brazil)

Auction: Medical Scribe Education & Licensing (Brazil)

Industry: E-Commerce SaaS B2B Medical/Education Location: Orange, Ca Net Income (2019): $836,429 Website: [ external link ] Online Medical Scribe Certification, Recertification, Education, Continuing Education, E-Commerce, Software As A Service (SaaS) Software Management Platforms/Websites,...

Auction: Medical Scribe Education & Licensing (Brazil)

Auction: Medical Scribe Education & Licensing (Brazil)

Industry: E-Commerce SaaS B2B Medical/Education Location: Orange, Ca Net Income (2019): $836,429 Website: [ external link ] Online Medical Scribe Certification, Recertification, Education, Continuing Education, E-Commerce, Software As A Service (SaaS) Software Management Platforms/Websites,...

Sectored Mall

Traditional, small shopping center focused on industrial segment. Consolidated in the market, has a good leasable area with all the infrastructure of major shopping malls in Sao Paulo . Great location and easy access; . Large parking area; . Works in specific sector; . Offers great diversification...

Contemporary Restaurant

Nice atmosphere with modern architecture, prepared for guests who want a cozy dinner and also for customers who prefer a more bohemian place for happy hour and get togethers. Established for two years, profitable and very well located - in one of the most valued square meters in the city. Consolidated...

Corporate Event Buffet

Company specializing in corporate events. It works with the creation of innovative and differentiated events for large companies. It has been operating in the market for over ten years exploring the gourmet concept in its creations and products.

LED Lighting Systems Industry

Extremely attractive company with high demand product, operating for over 10 years in the sector. Works in the industrialization, assembly, import and execution of projects in the area of LED lighting. It has its own developed and patented products.

Export Bookstore

Bookstore focused on exporting books, periodicals, DVDs and CDs produced in Brazil. Its main and regular clients are the best universities in the world, educational institutions in general, government agencies and public libraries.

Graphic Finishing

A solid company, working for over twenty years in graphic finishing for clients of great expression and high production volume. Strong growth. One of the leading in the industry. Very lucrative. Lean structure. Excellent facilities.

Occupational Medicine Clinic

Traditional and consolidated clinic in the fast growing market. Develops solutions in the areas of occupational medicine and occupational safety. Located in a region with great business activity, serves throughout the national territory, through accredited network.

HR Consulting Company

Extremely attractive company, working for over ten years in the area of human resources consulting, training, development, recruitment, selection and also young talent. Market leader in the region where it operates. Modern and efficient structure using renowned professionals from each area.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. Leading clients, multinational and national companies. The company is fully qualified to participate in bids. Vast track record of successful projects. Lean structure. Competent and competitive. Environmental licensing. Environmental...

Engineering and Consulting - Oleo e Gas

Engineering company focused on Oil and Gas projects with over 15 years of experience. Excellent clients, private and public companies. Exceptional technical collection. Lean structure. Basic and executive design of networks, pipelines, terminals, automation; investment planning.

Road Works Equipment Industry

Very solid company, operating for over 20 years, consolidated customer base, huge growth potential. Designs and produces equipment for road works complements. Own technology. There is no similar company in Brazil. Growth assured.

Metallurgical industry

Extremely attractive company, operating for over 20 years in the market of general metallurgy articles for industry, commerce and metal articles for domestic use. It also operates in the plastic blowing market.

Graphic industry

Extremely attractive company, operating for more than five years in the graphic printing market for newspapers, pamphlets and magazines in newsprint and offset. Modern industrial park with capacity for expansion.

Distribuidora de Material Elétrico

Solid company, more than 30 years in the market. Fine reputation among customers. Excellent, traditional clients. The company works with all the main suppliers. Efficient and lean structure. Strategically located in a region with easy access.

Uniform Making Company

Conceptual and traditional company of professional uniforms, with clients in the segments of industry, transport, retail and schools. He works with companies where the quality of uniforms is indispensable. It also operates in the retail sector with prompt delivery to small businesses or individual customers....


It is a language school with a differentiated teaching methodology (Direct Method), focused on conversation and with dynamic and objective classes (which ensures a faster language learning). It currently has about 90 students enrolled and its structure has about 210 students. Profitable company, without...


In operation for over 10 years, this visual communication company has a client portfolio of over 1,000 names, including Alpargatas, Jogê Lingerie and Casa do Pão de Queijo. Fully structured and ready to continue working.


This is a hall with more than 10 years of operation, in a great location in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, near shopping malls, colleges, banks and shops. Carries about 3,000 calls / month and has a structure of 10 cutting positions + 15 manicure positions + 2 rooms for aesthetic treatment + 5 rooms...

Aesthetics and Beauty

Consolidated brand in the market, with years of experience, always caring for good service, quality in service, hygiene and above all preserving the safety of its customers and ensuring their satisfaction and care. It has several services, such as: aesthetics, beauty salon, hair removal and photodepilation....

Logistics Packaging

This industry produces equipment and products for the logistics sector in companies from the Automotive, Auto Parts, Agricultural, Aviation, Engine Manufacturers, Metallurgical, Glass, among others. It has a physical and technological structure capable to design and manufacture solutions in packaging...

IT company focused on City Hall and Public Organs

Company integrating solutions with main focus on City Halls for the modernization of Public Management in software and hardware.

Metallurgical industry

The growth of this company in the last 06 years has been 50%. Due to the potential of the new customers being developed, this average could be repeated in the next years. It has a contract to supply one of the parts for GM's new car, ONIX, which will increase revenue by 20-30% of the current average.

Medical Store

This business is very easy to learn, own and operate. Has Contract with Public Agencies. Important Clients in the Portfolio. Strong projection of growth. There is no seasonality in this type of market. Real possibility of increasing the product line, the Distribution, the number of Customers and opening...

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