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The Muzzarellas - Pizza Delivery

In business since 2004, we have real obsession for innovation! We started by pizza format. Engineers did the calculations and concluded that the Pizza Square of Muzza is at least 25% higher than the traditional round. But back to our obsession ... After creating promotions and different flavors, we...

Cactus Mexican Food

â € œSimplifique but faça exceptionally BEMA €. In the United States and many other countries © Mexican food consumed by most families at least once a week. The burrito à © tà £ o common as pizza or hambúrguer. But the contrário these two dishes, do not à © tà £ o easy to find a burrito in Brazil....


Founded with an innovative proposal to meet the market that was in wide expansion, the CHAMI CHAN dared and opened in Mogi das Cruzes, a much larger establishment existing in the occasion. It began its operations through the delivery system of Japanese food and Chinese, and quickly, CHAMI CHAN filled...

Bar and Resturant

Bar and modern restaurant with nice architecture and new facilities. Great location in prime place and strong growth, very close to the state capital in the tourist city of Fernão Dias highway axis.

Fast Food

Fast Food - Contact the seller for more details.

Restaurante em Caxias do Sul

Restaurante tradicional finamente decorado com mais de 06 anos de funcionamento. Localizacao privilegiada dentro de Centro Comercial em constante crescimento e valorizacao. Vasta Carteira de Clientes. Possibilidade de aumentar o faturamento em mais de 50%. Serve em media 950 almocos e 1700 jantares...

Wire Transfer Franchise Passing

Repasse de Repasse de franquia do Segmento de Alimentação do Segmento Alimentação - Contact the seller for more details.

Restaurant - Asian Culinary

Different themed restaurant. Only one year of operation with excellent results. Excellent location in prime area in the East. Consolidated and quality franchise.


It is a company already established in the city for some years with faithful and growing clientele. Recognized by customers as the owner of differentiated quality and guarantee of good food. It stands out easily from the competitors in the set, food, presentation, comfort and service. It is located...

Contemporary Restaurant

Pleasant atmosphere with modern architecture, prepared for clients who want a cozy dinner and also for clients who prefer a more bohemian place for happy hour and social gatherings. Established operating for two years, profitable and very well located - in one of the square meters that most value in...