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Mega Furniture Store

Large store with exceptional location Solid, great reputation, about 50 years of activity. Reference in the region. Loyal clientele. Excellent opportunity for network expansion.

Export Bookstore

Bookstore focused on exporting books, periodicals, DVDs and CDs produced in Brazil. Its main and regular clients are the best universities in the world, educational institutions in general, government agencies and public libraries.


Healthy company established for over 40 years in the Belo Horizonte´s market. Reference for imported fragrances, the company has 07 (seven) outlets strategically distributed in regions of high consumers concentration. Great acceptance in social networks and e-commerce.

Official Football Store

Official football store of one of the great teams in Sao Paulo, franchise, located in excellent shopping mall. Works with licensed articles, excellent franchise support structure and marketing work. Great growth capacity.

Uniform Making Company

Conceptual and traditional company of professional uniforms, with clients in the segments of industry, transport, retail and schools. He works with companies where the quality of uniforms is indispensable. It also operates in the retail sector with prompt delivery to small businesses or individual customers....


It is a blinds, blinds and awnings store located in the Mooca neighborhood. It has trained staff and has in its history more than 300 clients served in the last 4 years. Increasing turnover since installation and profitable.


Medical Store

This business is very easy to learn, own and operate. Has Contract with Public Agencies. Important Clients in the Portfolio. Strong projection of growth. There is no seasonality in this type of market. Real possibility of increasing the product line, the Distribution, the number of Customers and opening...

Tire Trade

Comercio de Pneus - Contact the seller for more details.

Refrigeration Company. Industrial Sector, Comerci

Comercio especializado em Refrigeração de Ar - Contact the seller for more details.

Clothing store

Consolidated brand, recognized and with excellent reputation. Prime location in constant growth and appreciation. Large Portfolio of Customers. Opportunity to enter an economically rich and expanding region with an established and reputable brand. High profitability.

Professional Uniform Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de Uniforme Profissional - Contact the seller for more details.

Segment Company Of Decoration, Arts

Empresa do Segmento de Objetos de Decoracao, Artes e peças de Mobiliário - Contact the seller for more details.

Furniture & Furnishings

Empresa do Segmento Mobiliário Confecção e Acessórios Infantil e Bebê - Contact the seller for more details.

Women's Intimate Fashion Store

Lingerie Retail Stores - Contact the seller for more details.

Tok Joias

In 1988 after a year of experience as a reseller of semi-jewels and veneers. Solange Aparecida da Silva Coelho together with her husband Josà © e. Miguel Pinto Coelho, founded TOK J & Oacute; IAS in the city of Pouso Alegre / MG. At In the middle of 1991, the seat of Tok Jyoeas was in the very residence...

SNC - Nutritional Supplements

The SNC has emerged as the largest Latin American network in the retail nutritional supplements with over 70 stores - 17 states - in operation in Brazil. Since its founding in 1991 as a pioneer in the segment, it has positioned itself as constant market leader, bringing to Brazil innovation and the...