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Sectored Mall

Traditional, small shopping center focused on industrial segment. Consolidated in the market, has a good leasable area with all the infrastructure of major shopping malls in Sao Paulo . Great location and easy access; . Large parking area; . Works in specific sector; . Offers great diversification...

Export Bookstore

Bookstore focused on exporting books, periodicals, DVDs and CDs produced in Brazil. Its main and regular clients are the best universities in the world, educational institutions in general, government agencies and public libraries.

Restaurant - Asian Cuisine

Differentiated themed restaurant. Only one year of operation with excellent results. Excellent location in prime area in the East. Consolidated and quality franchise.


Healthy company established for over 40 years in the Belo Horizonte´s market. Reference for imported fragrances, the company has 07 (seven) outlets strategically distributed in regions of high consumers concentration. Great acceptance in social networks and e-commerce.


Development and licensing of software and systems focused on the human resources sector. The business has in its portfolio a product developed for behavioral profile identification that is sold for big companies nationwide. The business has been established for over 11 years, is financially healthy...

Official Football Store

Official football store of one of the great teams in Sao Paulo, franchise, located in excellent shopping mall. Works with licensed articles, excellent franchise support structure and marketing work. Great growth capacity.



It is a language school with a differentiated teaching methodology (Direct Method), focused on conversation and with dynamic and objective classes (which ensures a faster language learning). It currently has about 90 students enrolled and its structure has about 210 students. Profitable company, without...


With great location in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, this room performs on average 500 calls / month. Fully structured, it has 2 parking spaces in front, scheduling systems (online) and charge per command, in addition to having an experienced team.


In operation for over 10 years, this visual communication company has a client portfolio of over 1,000 names, including Alpargatas, Jogê Lingerie and Casa do Pão de Queijo. Fully structured and ready to continue working.


This is a hall with more than 10 years of operation, in a great location in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana, near shopping malls, colleges, banks and shops. Carries about 3,000 calls / month and has a structure of 10 cutting positions + 15 manicure positions + 2 rooms for aesthetic treatment + 5 rooms...


It is among the 15 largest snack kit companies in Brazil. Portfolio of clients formed and from various sectors, such as banks, automakers, hospitals and laboratories, schools, etc. Growing revenue in recent years and booming market. Great growth potential.


It is a blinds, blinds and awnings store located in the Mooca neighborhood. It has trained staff and has in its history more than 300 clients served in the last 4 years. Increasing turnover since installation and profitable.

Company of the Visual and Graphic Design Segment

Empresa do Segmento de Com. Visual e Gráfica - Contact the seller for more details.

Distributor And Reseller Of Machinery For Maintenance

Distribuidora e Revenda de Maquinas para manutenção de gramados - Contact the seller for more details.

IT Segment Company

Empresa do Segmento de TI - Contact the seller for more details.

Bar and restaurant

It is a company already established in the city for some years with loyal and growing clientele. Recognized by customers as specializing in the imported and specialty drinks industry with some of the best labels and brands in the world available. It has been awarded annually, with 5 awards in recent...

Transfer of Traditional Language School Franchise

Repasse de Franquia Tradicional de Escola de Idiomas - Contact the seller for more details.

Travel agency

Company established since 2012 with clientele in formation and growing. Customer recognition begins to emerge with the completion of the first year of existence, when people who traveled the previous year are returning to shop. Low initial investment and good growth prospects. It has full portability...


It is a company already established in the city for some years with loyal and growing clientele. Recognized by customers as a holder of different quality and guarantee of good food. Easily stands out from the competitors in the set, food, presentation, comfort and service. It is located in a central...

Fast graphic

Fast graphics with innovative proposal to offer sustainable solutions for document production.

Shipping company

Strong company, operating for over 20 years, great customers, great potential to diversify and increase its services. Strong performance in the transfer of consumer products, hygiene, food, auto parts etc. It also serves in distribution. Located near the city of Jundiaí-SP.

Cosmetic Manufacturer With Typical Serr Product

The presentation, quality and originality of Serra Gaucha's typical products make this brand a rare business opportunity. Present in renowned Spas and Hotels in Brazil, characterizing the line as treatment and giving strong credibility to the products. Possibility of launching a range of new products...

Tire Trade

Comercio de Pneus - Contact the seller for more details.

Fast Food

Fast Food - Contact the seller for more details.

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