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Lewis Martin, CVA

Certified Valuation Analyst • United Financial LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Hayward, California - United States

Business Intermediary specializing in small business sales and acquisitions. Also provide 3rd Party business valuations / appraisals. Sellers, buyers/investors arm yourself with solid numbers to support Bid/Ask pricing. Buyer / Seller representation - &

4,457 3,255 7

raul alcaraz

President • International Brokers

  • Real Estate
  • Castro Valley, California - United States

Real Estate & Mortgage Broker with 15 years of experience

11,503 4,240 0


  • Financial Services
  • Oakland, California - United States

7,059 2,079 3

Anand Sanyal

CEO • Sanson Group

  • Banking
  • Fremont, California - United States

I am a Strategic Business owner who helps business and new ventures to see through the first year and bring them to break even very fast by artificially manufacturing time on their books and making Balance Sheet.

6,689 1,499 0

sima pahlavi

Investment Consulting • PLATE LTD

  • Business Brokerage
  • Fremont, California - United States

Find investors for your projects By our company... Any company that has a project and need to investor Or knows Companies that have project,Our company can help you to find investor so I am waiting to send me Business plan about your projects then we will review and contact you . Final, please note that our priority for find Investors and Cu...

8,366 3,824 0

gregory cantrell

Owner • Cantrell & Associates

  • Oakland, California - United States

Business Consultant

5,169 860 0

Uk Elendu

CEO • Blize Healthcare

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Albany, California - United States

16,642 3,342 0

RT Shandilya

CEO • Sustainable 2U Inc

  • Newark, California - United States

I am looking to buy a Mailbox Rental, Shipping, Printing and Business Center in California preferably in SFO metro but can also review good opportunity in LA & San Diego Metro areas.

4,849 791 0

Jason Poon

  • Commodities
  • Oakland, California - United States

Dear Sir, We hope to purchase Gold Bar/ Nugget from USA or Africa. Please send a message to me to go well. Best regards, Jason Poon

5,213 911 0

Yellow Printing

Printing Company • Yellow Printing Co., Ltd

  • Fremont, California - United States

Yellow Printing - China Packaging Printing Company China Printing Company, offset printing factory. We print all kinds of paper products, book, shopping paper bag, paper box, catalog, diary, calendar.

4,816 787 1

Matthew Bishop

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Hayward, California - United States

8,665 1,504 0

Ernest Cash III

Strategic Development Officer • Armour Management Company

  • Legal Services
  • Oakland, California - United States

Interest is locating visionaries who desire to start their on company (start-ups).

5,406 954 0

Hans Nehme

  • Management Consulting
  • Oakland, California - United States

Entrepreneur and Executive

5,628 1,220 0

Paul Dhaliwal

President • 383Media, Inc.

  • Computer Software
  • Pleasanton, California - United States

Interested in revenue generating businesses with high engineering reliance.

7,081 1,391 0

raj mani

Director • MSys Inc.

  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Fremont, California - United States

Managing new customers and app division. Interested in contacting investors for our app division

5,918 1,149 0

Gary Sommese

Owner • WindCompressor

  • Oil and Gas
  • Oakland, California - United States

I am the owner and developer of the down hole oil well pump.

15,605 4,079 0

Pyramyth Liu

CEO • Mission Peak Renewables, Inc

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Fremont, California - United States

20 year Hightech and Clean Tech Executive. Solar project and venture investment background. Helping companies build value.

9,831 2,125 0

Manvinder Oberoi

Director, Business Development • Miri Infotech Inc

  • Information Technology
  • Fremont, California - United States

I head the sales team @ Miri Infotech Inc - always on the lookout for strong partnerships to grow businesses mutually

5,347 1,295 0

al Doherty

Vice President • Keffi Risk Management

  • Insurance
  • Dublin, California - United States

8,752 1,763 2

Nick Walters

Paragon Mezzanine Finance

  • Financial Services
  • Fremont, California - United States

I am private investor, looking for good deals.

6,735 2,009 2

Abdollah Nejad

President • ChiroSports USA

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Union City, California - United States

17,621 3,456 0

jason Zheng

CEO • New Century Kitchen & Bath

  • Building Materials
  • San Leandro, California - United States

6,058 990 0

Gilbert Haro

Account Executive • Saxe mortgage company

  • Fremont, California - United States

We are a private money lender based in Daly City California since 1938.

4,814 912 4

Camila Dizon

general manager • The Oaks

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Fremont, California - United States

15,650 1,517 0

Mary Macor

  • Livermore, California - United States

I have been a Tour Director for almost 10 years and want to buy or start my own company

3,284 510 0