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Paul Forsberg Business Broker & Growth Coach • Corporate Business Brokers

  • Business Brokerage
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

Business Broker and Business Growth Coach. I help people Get More Customers, Make More Money and Increase Business Value So The Can Sell Their Business For Top Dollar Whenever They Are Ready

4,133 3,161 6
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James Timothy White Founder, Broker & CEO •

  • Real Estate
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

An experienced entrepreneur and passionate real estate broker with an emphasis on investing and always evolving. Today, I am focused on the following projects: Easler Education Inc., | We Say Sold Inc., | Binary Biometrics Inc.

6,151 3,106 0

Jim Baker president • Match Biz INC

  • Business Brokerage
  • Merritt Island, Florida - United States

All of our sellers operate on a non exclusive basis, meaning they pay us no fee unless we produce the buyer. We DO NOT charge any fee unless we find the buyer. And our fees are about half of what most brokers charge. NO Exclusive right to sell contracts.

3,874 3,157 5

Ron Gould REALTOR • Palm Realty

  • Real Estate
  • Merritt Island, Florida - United States

5,906 3,329 1

Susan Goldthorp Visulate LLC

  • Real Estate
  • Merritt Island, Florida - United States

5,906 3,348 0


  • Commodities
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

553 151 1

pierre st-onge president • orsay int`l

  • Mining and Metals
  • Melbourne Beach, Florida - United States

i am the owner of this company for the last 10 years

2,976 673 0


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Palm Bay, Florida - United States

2,203 664 0

Donald DiFrisco

  • Real Estate
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

Highly experienced business executive and entrepreneur with extensive high tech manufacturing experience; real estate development experience; Big Data company experience within the healthcare cost containment market. Currently owner of a Fine Craft Brewery and commercial real estate holdings. IPOs, Turn-Arounds, Startups, PE Capital, Angel Capital.

1 1 0

Ken Moeckli

  • Merritt Island, Florida - United States

241 37 0

Sherif Aziz

  • Engineering
  • Viera, Florida - United States

Looking for investment opportunities in Brevard County, Florida

1,287 416 0

Jeffrey Hack

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Titusville, Florida - United States

10+ yrs with Telecom Finance (billing and auditing) background. Wanting to branch out and own my own club whether it be a simple bar with a good client or a sports/strip bar

11,289 782 0


  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Cocoa, Florida - United States

5,488 1,432 0

Araelio Guerra Missile Used Tires • Missile Used Tires

  • Palm Bay, Florida - United States

Established Business for 5 years, Lots of money in the Used Tires World but lots of work.

419 69 0

Ralph Reid Long Term Care Consultant

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Rockledge, Florida - United States

2,137 627 0

Sean Brelsford Cert Business Intermediary • Agency Brokerage Consultants

  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

Sean is an associate with Agency Brokerage Consultants working as a Certified Business Intermediary and is engaged in business activities such as valuations and sales. Sean is an active member of the International Business Broker Association (IBBA), Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA), and Latin American Association of Ins (LAAIA).

4,716 944 0

Dr. Kane

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Satellite Beach, Florida - United States

3,280 719 0

Perry West Chairman • VoiceLift

  • Cocoa, Florida - United States

433 87 1

Tony Meggs President & CEO • Christian Care Ministry

  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

480 81 0

David Wardle

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mims, Florida - United States

10,847 3,278 0


  • Chemicals
  • Titusville, Florida - United States

2,174 421 0

Joel Ledlow

  • Computer Software
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

2,854 766 0

Robert Hipple

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Merritt Island, Florida - United States

5,297 1,383 0

Jeff Salvatore

  • Accounting
  • Cocoa, Florida - United States

2,082 618 2

Ankur shah

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Melbourne, Florida - United States

2,079 613 0