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Daniel Hayes

CEO • Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC

  • Business Brokerage
  • Smithville Flats, New York - United States

I am a Certified Franchise Consultant and have been developing and leading companies and organizations in both the private and public sectors since 1983, concentrating on business and business development. I am a SCORE mentor for seven counties in New York and Pennsylvania, for nonprofits and start-ups.

158 153 2

carl kahkonen

owner • Lion Global

  • Business Brokerage
  • Bainbridge, New York - United States

We are looking to deal with buyers/sellers of energy fields as well as mining fields. Whether it is outright purchasing or funding of said deals, we can facilitate.

3,951 3,416 0

mary charest

owner •

  • Mining and Metals
  • Oxford, New York - United States

Looking for a silver mine that is not expensive. There may be money coming to me in the future and I'd like to research in a no loss silver mine -- something that people know has silver, and a possibility people will stay on. My business is set up but not active. I am disabled. If I find something like this it will hopefully cover medical bil...

2,569 657 0

Cliff Olin

Managing Director • Olin Capital Advisors, Inc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Afton, New York - United States

1,953 1,540 1


  • Accounting
  • Norwich, New York - United States

certified public accountant who acts in the best interests of the client.

1,866 730 0

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