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Adam S. Tracy

Attorney At Law • The Tracy Firm, Ltd.

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Corporate, Corporate Finance, IP, Litigation, and Securities Attorney. Active entrepreneur seeking to collaborate with growth-orientated companies in all industries.

13,481 3,195 162

Brad Morehead

Board Member | Investor | CEO • Professor | Entrepreneur

  • Family Offices
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Brad Morehead is: + CEO of LiveWatch Security, the #1 Wireless Home Security Company in America + Professor of MBA Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University + Board Member of NextGen, First Look, et al. + Former Contestant on both Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right

8,563 1,826 1

Mehmood H Syed, CMAA

CEO • Syed Brokerage & Capital Co

  • Investment Banking
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

CEO Most Active M&A Advisor - Lower Middle Market to Middle-Market Intermediary Syed Brokerage & Capital has represented both buy side and sell side. We have helped conduct $220MM worth of deals. Raise Capital for Mergers and Acquisition of Privately Held Co. Accredited & Certified Merger & Acquisitions Advisor 25+ Years Experience

10,209 3,153 4

David Heinz

Business Broker / Intermediary • Next Level Business Advisors

  • Business Brokerage
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Helping business owners throughout Illinois reap the rewards of years of hard work by selling their business to enjoy retirement. I also assist owners in acquiring businesses with synergies which complement their existing operation.

12,126 4,835 6

Ray Hazucka

Principal • RH Capital Group

  • Commercial Finance
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

RH Capital Group, Inc. was formed for the purpose to fund residential and commercial investor properties. We can finance property types from SFR to Hotels. In addition to the straight acquisition of properties, we are able to finance renovation and spec ground up construction projects of these properties with as little as 10% down.

8,630 1,888 5

Steven Bruce

Founder and CEO • Marathon Drive LLC

  • Industrial Automation
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Marathon Drive will buy a mature, consistently profitable business near Chicago to own and operate for the long-term. The current owner wants to retire or otherwise transition with immediate partial liquidity, while helping the “right” new investor/operator learn the business for about a year.

8,524 1,791 0

Hanson Ansary

President & CEO • The Maxxus Group

  • Events Services
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

A corporate executive with over 20 years of senior management experience in both public and private sectors. I have been the CEO of several companies during the past 15 years.

8,566 1,798 0

gerardo del real

Senior Associate • Symmetrical Investments

  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Prior to Symmetrical, Gerry assisted in the management of SilverStream Capital, a private equity firm with over $1.5 billion of AUM in the healthcare services, HCIT, consumer products and business services sectors. Prior to SilverStream Capital, Gerry worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Global Leveraged Finance Group wi

12,312 4,461 0

Drew Thomas

Principal • Llewellyn Capital

  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

9 2 0

John Crigler

President • Dorf Krug International, Inc.

  • Financial Services
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

I am an experienced business developer & investor. The Company, Dorf Krug, has many different services ranging from tax deferment systems to financial structuring. Our team of professionals have a minimum of 20 years of experience in their fields. Quality & effectiveness is the Company's focus!

10,498 3,116 1

Stephen Macklem

Chief Financial Officer • First Options of Chicago, Inc.

  • Investment Banking
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

We currently manage a public company listed OTC with more than $130 million US potential tax credit(s). We are looking for a merger partner. Please contact me if you have an interest, Serious inquires only please.

10,210 3,154 0

Bill Parsons

President • Maximum Fantasy Sports

  • Sports
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

I am a sports junkie who loves playing fantasy football and have built a very innovative site to support my style of play.

8,920 1,855 3

John B. Lee

Director Business Development • Dynamic Wireless Corp.

  • Wireless
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Been involved in the Wireless Industry for over 20 years in both retail and wholesale. Currently working with wireless professionals in building out T-Mobile Premium Retail stores throughout the North Central Region.

8,866 1,802 4

Yolanda Moore

Franchise Business Owner

  • E-Learning
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Team Dream Bucks was founded on a vision and mission to provide effective solutions designed to boost your quality of life, financial and benefit goals be it an individual, independent business owner, small and/or a large organizations.

7,955 1,799 4

Vivian L Ritter


  • Business Brokerage
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

12,140 4,834 0

Travis Latham

Fellowship Fleet • Limousine and Bus Company

  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Travis D. Latham is the founder and President of Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company. Fellowship Fleet is a premier transportation company that provides livery services nationally. He also teaches limousine, taxi, and driver safety transportation courses at Olive-Harvey College as an adjunct instructor.

12,699 2,717 0

Jay Joshi

Founder & CEO • Output Medical

  • Medical Products/Devices
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Dr. Joshi invented the medical technology and established the initial clinical network and business strategy for Output Medical. He helped to establish MD Angels and is a practicing parter at a primary care clinic in NW Indiana.

9,515 2,066 1

Alium Capital Partners

Founder & Managing Partner • Alium Capital Partners

  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Private Equity firm looking to acquire companies with $1-5mm of EBITDA

3 1 0

Scott Kaeser


  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

12,343 4,487 0

Norman Berg

  • Business Brokerage
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Working Nationally to put Buyers and Sellers together.

12,020 4,806 6

Wilbert Williams

Sales, Marketing, Business Dev

  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Multi-faceted experienced Sales, Marketing and Business Development leader brings award-winning expertise and track record of dramatic sales and profit growth for leading corporations in highly competitive commercial market segments. Versatile skill set with history of excelling at all phases of the process. Let's grow your business.

8,495 1,760 1

Jim Peddle

President • Playbook Corporate Advisory

  • Business Brokerage
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Experienced (6+ Years) business broker with expertise in marketing, sales, negotiation and closing. My firm offers a lower fee structure and a more friendly legal/listing agreement to business owners. Our deal team can manage listings from start to finish. In addition, we help owners with improving their financials, marketing and IT.

12,124 5 1

Stephen Berchem

Partner • Westbourne Capital Partners

  • Private Equity
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Westbourne partners with family offices to deploy patient capital in U.S. based companies, primarily through a change of control.

12,329 4,486 0

Chris Moore

Associate • Lakeshore Food Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

Associate at Lakeshore Food Advisors. We focus on the agribusiness and food sectors - everything from farm to fork.

10,218 3,144 0

Megan Ruettiger

Founder/Owner • Pennyco Compliance, LLC

  • Legal Services
  • Chicago, Illinois - United States

SEC, FINRA and OTC compliance at competitive rates. Reverse Merger and shell company sales. Transfer Agent. Press Releases and investor relations.

8,732 1,871 4

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