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leo golba


  • Business Brokerage
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Since 1988, Leo Golba has successfully conceived, designed and implemented multiple business ventures. As a business and development strategist, he helps companies and individuals bring definition and strategy to new and existing business initiatives.

4,243 3,214 0

Michael Forst

CEO • myAkuna LLC

  • Food and Beverages
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Food supplement distribution. Offering operational franchises to Entrepreneurial individuals. We are fast growing within Asia and USA. Call for details +1 239-571-2749 EST.

3,683 1,069 5

Jim Britton

Air Conditioning Contractor • CAC# 1818815

  • Construction
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Building Teams of Best-in-Class Air Conditioning Professionals with the mission: To be the Best at Creating Long-Term, Profitable Customer Relationships by Delivering Ideal Customer Experiences.

3,740 901 1

Joe Alter

Joe Alter • Sunbelt Naples & Fort Myers

  • Business Brokerage
  • Naples, Florida - United States


1 0 0

Robert Richard

  • Import/Export
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Companies in our portfolio include. 1. Valve manufacturing and distribution 2. Pulses, Legumes, and Coconut trade 3. Private Equity / Mergers & Acquisitions. 4. Valve Manufacturing (Asia). 5. Wholesale Distribution, USA & Latin America.

782 248 0

Lauralee Rawlinson

Health & Wellness Coach, Inves • Rawlstar Resources Int

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Naples, Florida - United States

2,200 698 2

Eric M. Clare

Senior Partner • Digital Concepts 2.0

  • Capital Markets
  • Naples, Florida - United States

I am the Founder and Senior Partner at Digital Concepts 2.0. We have been helping businesses grow through the expansion of their retail distribution channels across North America. In 2016 it was clear that the HVAC industry was ripe for consolidation. We now seek to buy companies wanting to be dominant in the HVAC space on an international basis.

905 378 1

Charles Bailey

President • Concourse International, Inc.

  • Management Consulting
  • Naples, Florida - United States

I am a business consultant and serial entrepreneur with knowledge and experience in financial services, insurance, bonding, real estate development and sales, large scale electric generators, hotel furnishings, spirits industry, fashion and import/exporting. Always willing to help.

1,055 527 0

John Slusar

Director • Fifth Avenue Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Naples, Florida - United States

2,336 1,564 0

Michael Frankel

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Naples, Florida - United States

2,381 762 0

C Cowan

CEO • Strategic Directions

  • Publishing
  • Naples, Florida - United States

30 yrs in publishing industry with newspapers, magazines, business publications, online news sites.

1,170 271 0

anthony caputo


  • Private Equity
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Multifaceted entrepreneur with leadership roles in Agribusiness, Consulting, Import/Export, Real Estate, and E-commerce. I operate businesses in the U.S., Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, China, and the UAE. Based out of Naples, FL.

4,574 2,972 0

Jerry Arcy

Managing Director • Twinberry

  • Naples, Florida - United States

594 160 0

Dan Haglund

President • CDH Management Group

  • Private Equity
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Looking to purchase business in Naples or Fort Myers Fla. Interested in service based, light mfg, distribution, (marine, personnel)

4,570 2,970 0

M Michael Mohajery

Mergers & acquisitions Coach • M 3 M&A Consultants LLC

  • Mining and Metals
  • Naples, Florida - United States

M & A professional with over 40 years of related experience helping clients with over $20 billion of cross-borders projects.

3,089 739 1

Ron Shimko


  • Immokalee, Florida - United States

223 62 0

carlos cuevas

owner • lawton auto glass

  • Naples, Florida - United States

592 159 0

Jim Hines

Managing Partner • Inxcorp Business Advisors

  • Business Brokerage
  • Naples, Florida - United States

During his successful 30+ year career, Jim has administered the sale of several hundred companies in all major industries. In 1982, Jim founded his M&A firm Investment Exchange Corporation that operates as Inxcorp Business Advisors. Jim holds the professional designation of Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and was among the first to earn...

4,157 3,212 0

Parker Lee

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Naples, Florida - United States

13,260 2,785 1

Ken hackett

Area Developer, San Diego • Liberty Tax/Siempre Tax

  • Management Consulting
  • Naples, Florida - United States

I have the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs and those who want to own their own retail tax business. Being part of the fastest growing franchise ever, Liberty Tax Service, and the newest brand, "Siempre Tax +", is truly exciting.

4 533 0

Daniel Randolph

  • Airlines/Aviation
  • Naples, Florida - United States

2,259 703 0


  • Telecommunications
  • Naples, Florida - United States

918 316 0

Travor Lutz

President/CEO • Sandcastle Community Managemen

  • Naples, Florida - United States

Principle of Sandcastle Community Management; a Naples FL based Association Management company (Condos, HOAs, Commercial)representing 13,000+ homes/condos.

592 159 0

Michael Herrmann

VP of Corporate Development • Whitesell Group

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Naples, Florida - United States

2,435 559 0

Mark Robinson

  • Private Equity
  • Naples, Florida - United States

Calusa Capital Partners is currently seeking platform acquisitions with EBITDA between $2.5-$5.0M.

4,563 2,969 1

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