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William Powell III

Investor Relations/BusinessDev • Media Capital Partners, LLC

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I am a seasoned IR professional with over a decade of experience in management, and marketing within the energy and financial sector. I have Directed large pools of representatives for energy and private equity firms within the Dallas area. I have spent over a decade representing small to mid-cap companies in various consultative roles

13,208 3,451 28

J. Michael "Jake" Jacobs

President • Brazos Land and Minerals, Inc.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Former Regional Land Manager, Hunt Oil Co. Landman, Explorationist, Agressive Buyer of Mineral/Royalty/Non-Op WI, Producing, Non-Producing Properties in ALL Basins. Over 40 years experience in acquiring minerals and royalty; generating exploration prospects; Lease bank for prospect generators.

18,351 5,406 4

Abe Lawrence

Co-Founder • Flyte Aero

  • Airlines/Aviation
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

9,964 2,678 4

Jaime Resendiz

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

11,960 5,253 12

brian petrucci


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I am a Pharmacist and Pharmacy owner with 13 years experience in the community, PBM and mail order environment.

10,098 2,764 0

Charis Siau

Mergers Acquisitions Associate • Rainwater Business Advisors

  • Investment Banking
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions. $1-20M EBITDA / $2-100M Gross Revenue Companies. Main Space: Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, and IT/Software Companies. charis[AT]usbizsell[DOT]com

9,997 3,507 22

James Gibson

Direct Deal Facilitator • Deal maker

  • Financial Services
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I'm a direct ISO/Agent with investment groups that fund deals of all kind from business owners in need of capital to keep they're business moving forward to commercial deal transactions Nationwide USA & International. My direct private investor groups will fund any and all type of deals as long as they are viable

10,449 3,621 3

Dominique Patton

Account Executive • Pro Cap Link

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I am a Dallas/Fort Worth based business broker. I represent trusted and qualified buyers, sellers, and investors locally and worldwide. Let me help you find your perfect match!

11,999 5,350 0

Jim Tehan

Principal • Specter Capital LLC

  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Private Equity Company with current investments in Manufacturing -Consumer Products - Oil Royalties - we are looking to expand our CPG Business and Oil & Gas Royalties.

12,220 4,927 5

Russell Lambert

Attorney: Business Focus • Lambert Law Group PLLC

  • Law Practice
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Russ Lambert is an experienced business-focused attorney with credentials in accounting & finance, corporate work, and private equity. Lambert is highly effective at buy/sell transactions, complex contracting issues, business planning, strategy, and business disputes.

8,412 2,232 0


President, Founder & CEO • Strategic Direct Solutions

  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Scott has been in the Staffing & Recruiting Industry just over 20 years. From start ups, to turn arounds in the Telecom, IT, Accounting & Finance and Engineering divisions. Scott started as an Account Manager and has held roles as Sales Manager, Vice President, Senior Vice President, General Manager and now President, Founder & CEO.

9,393 2,505 0

Jay Young

President • King Operating Corporation

  • Oil and Gas
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I'm a part of a 4th Generation oil and gas family drilling in the Permian Basin of Texas. Our financial model is unique and works for our investors. Let us show you how we will take an investment property from $15M to $200M.

18,358 5,359 0

Anthony Jones

Managing Director • Alternative Business Consultin

  • Management Consulting
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Career in accounting, ,marketing and business financing for the past 20 years, getting into the M&Aside once I acquire my real estate liscense

8,726 2,503 17

Jaco Van Eeden

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

9,618 2,734 0


Forever Business Owner • FLP

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I'm an online and offline Entrepreneur developping FLP and SFI

9,901 2,689 4

Sudhir Joshi

Business Intermediary • Murphy Business and Financial

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Over 30 years of global sales, marketing, investment, and small business management experience. 

12,000 5,247 0

Frank Ekejija


  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States


12,152 4,915 2

Charles Pofahl

CEO • Commonwealth Companies

  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Investor in and Developer of real estate and business ventures.

12,215 4,914 0

Tracy Glover

Managing Director • Black Deer Ventures

  • Other Industry
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Bringing money to business leaders and owners in the mid market and talent to private equity backed investments. Seeking lower - mid market investment opportunities with companies primarily in the $3MM+ EBITDA rang

8,878 2,399 0

Jason McCall

President • New Investments USA

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I have an extensive background working in many areas of investments as well as being an active investor myself. I work with individual investors as well as institutions to put them in the best projects to ensure monthly revenue that makes a difference.

81 2,510 121

Bill Griffith

  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Specialized AUM for his own start up portfolio. He is an opportunity analyst for internal acquisitions, partnership opportunities, and as a fees based client advisors. He has 30 years experience in the business world since he graduated with his degree in business. Today, is the Chief Operations Analyst for his company Data View Investors.

12,232 4,909 0

George Chamblee, CBI

First Business Resources, Inc.

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Mr. Chamblee is the co-owner of First Business Resources, Inc. and holds the professional designations of CBI and M&AMI. Mr. Chamblee is a seasoned professional with 14 years of merger and acquisition experience and 21 years of experience in the capital transaction sector of the commercial real estate industry.

11,894 5,236 0

Daniel Sokol

Principal • Daniel Sokol & Associates

  • Other Industry
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

25+ years of business management and consulting including 14+ years of M&A and private equity. Completed $230+ million (purchase price) of acquisitions. Particularly adept with service and consulting firms, retailing, turnarounds and problem situations. Currently focus is towards micro home developments.

8,830 2,339 1

Thomas J Reif

President/Owner • Reif & Associate's Inc.

  • Real Estate
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

38 years as owner of commercial real estate company-hired and trained 10 salesman Prior to Real Estate I owned an employment agency where I hired and trained 24 counselors.....

14,396 5,900 5

Phillip Scherrer

Managing Director • Athena Advisors

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I'm the Founder and Managing Director of Athena Advisors. We specialize in Healthcare related transactions.

11,960 5,222 0

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