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Larry Lane

Owner • VR Business Brokers

  • Dallas, Texas - United States

After 21 years in senior management with FASTSIGNS International, Inc., including four years as its president, I have opened the office of VR Business Brokers, an international business intermediary firm that facilitates the sale and purchase of small to mid-sized privately held businesses. I joined FASTSIGNS in 1988 and helped...

8,131 1,930 0

stephen keilers

Christian Business Broker • Emersons Business Consulting

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

My name is Stephen Keilers and I help business owners sell their business and/or real estate and also help buyers find good businesses that suit them. I still believe in trust, loyalty, and honesty, which evidently is quite difficult to find these days, especially in business, unfortunately. I believe in the Bible since it transformed me.

11,723 4,933 0



  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Interested in acquiring oil and gas production priced around $0-2,000,000, primarily in North &/or West Texas area but open to other Texas regions. Also, looking to acquire oil & gas minerals and/or ORRI. Will consider buying small Mft, distribution/wholesalers, services companies.

8,131 1,929 0

William Powell III

Investor Relations/BusinessDev • Media Capital Partners, LLC

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I am a seasoned IR professional with over a decade of experience in management, and marketing within the energy and financial sector. I have Directed large pools of representatives for energy and private equity firms within the Dallas area. I have spent over a decade representing small to mid-cap companies in various consultative roles

13,096 3,255 14

john wells

President • JCW Investments, Inc.

  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I'm interested in purchasing working interest in a vertical drilling program located in Texas. Also, I have an interest in purchasing minerals/Royalty.

11,984 4,632 0

Mariann Montgomery

M&A Intermediary-CMAI,CBI,CEPA • Murphy Business & Financial

  • Dallas, Texas - United States

♦ HELPING PEOPLE BUY & SELL BUSINESSES • TRANSITION • TRANSACTION ♦ • Assist Business Owners who are considering SELLING their BUSINESS • Determine the MARKET VALUE of the BUSINESS to be SOLD • Prepare an Informational package describing the BUSINESS to be SOLD • Assist the SELLER in evaluating Offers and NEGOTIATING terms of the TRANSACTION

8,133 1,916 0

leah christian

Business Development Manager

  • Education Management
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Business Developer, Curriculum Developer, Budget Planner, Attorney, Regulatory Compliance Officer

8,306 2,092 0

charles wright

President • American Medical Marketing Svc

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Local entrepreneur with a variety of skills to help

9,716 2,444 1

victor f russell

Managing Principal • MMR Realty Advisors

  • Real Estate
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage sales averaging $65M annually. Focus multifamily, retail & warehouse properties. Senior Living & Assisted Living communities. Repositioning & stabilized real estate assets for sales. Specialty: Client Capital Structures !! Founder of the first internet Federal Credit Union in 2004. Originate and Broker of Co...

13,747 5,222 0

mark rossow

CEO| Operating Partner

  • Investment Management
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Enabling High Tech, Integrated Media, Start-Ups, Automotive Aftermarket, Specialty Chemical and Lubricants, Diversified Industrial and CPG companies align the resources of their organization with the right training, tools, coaching and accountability necessary to deliver the highest quality products and services at the lowest marginal cost to the c

8,698 2,247 0

Boris Gremont

Managing Partner • Sandton Financial

  • Investment Banking
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Former Chartered accountant and CPA. Experience includes private equity partner, ownership in numerous businesses including retail, manufacturing, IT and serivices

9,822 3,283 0

brian petrucci


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I am a Pharmacist and Pharmacy owner with 13 years experience in the community, PBM and mail order environment.

9,874 2,486 0

jeff roberts

Managing Partner • #rgholdings LP

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

consult in the healthcare industry and in the pharmacy space

20,383 4,463 0

Matthew Griffith

Jordan Health Services

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

20,392 4,459 0

Fouzia Aziz


  • Dallas, Texas - United States

I have international experience owning business worldwide in Steel, Fashions and Logistics. Currently i have 2 business in Dallas area operated by 2 managers Logistics

8,121 1,919 0

Terry Wakefield

Owner of Manfield Group USA • Inventor

  • Furniture
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Partner of national healthcare recruiting company. Creative out-of-the box thinker with an issued patent for the outdoor furniture industry. Created company names and designed logos.

8,432 1,976 1

Jesse Perez

President • IMBS Solutions

  • Business Brokerage
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

IMBS Operations We offer complete solutions for businesses. In Consulting we seek to contribute directly with the LATINO MARKET in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas. With enterprise groups and businesses, making decisive improvements in their direction and results through forceful solutions that ensure the business success.

11,314 4,840 0

Steven Anderson

Co-Founder • Platform Axiom, LLC

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Extensive background in sales and marketing and have been blessed with the opportunity to bring a new innovative business structure to the medical industry. We offer our partnering physicians, physician groups and even hospitals an ancillary business model that provides better patient care. We bring medical laboratories and physicians together.

20,382 4,463 0

Charles Pofahl

CEO • Commonwealth Companies

  • Private Equity
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Investor in and Developer of real estate and business ventures.

11,979 4,637 0

Adetola Talabi

  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

12,350 2,849 1

Andrew Leverette

President • Quantum Holdings

  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Currently a marketing professional looking to invest in small businesses.

8,120 1,919 0

Keu Zafar

Gulfstream Diagnostics

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

20,376 4,457 0

Leslie Peterson

  • Oil and Gas
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Ms. Peterson is the founder of Terra Energy Group and a seasoned O&G industry professional. We consistently work to broaden our database of clientele and are actively searching to purchase minerals, royalty and or working interests in select areas for E&P development.

17,991 4,873 0

John Lindsey

SVP - Investment Banking

  • Investment Banking
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

9,839 3,271 0

Nestor Penado

Independent Landman Profession

  • Oil and Gas
  • Dallas, Texas - United States

Im a Landman in Dallas,Texas which has personal relationships with 5 generations in the Oil & Gas E&P companies in the 100M+cash flow.. My relationships are with those who have founded these E&P companies, and access to unsolicited bids before they go public through family and personal friends/owners. I am interested in equity investors seeking ...

17,960 4,889 0

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