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Becky Wong

Investment Advisor • Ultimate Asset

  • Financial Services
  • Greater London, England - United Kingdom

An Investment advisor for institutional and private clients in Greater China region. Over 3 decades of banking experience in top tier banks. Acquired extensive connections with entrepreneurs and elite Mainland Chinese and Western businessmen. Based in HK/London with frequent travels to US, China and Germany

3,804 1,745 0

Marco Del Carlo

Founder & CEO • Vivo Insurance

  • Insurance
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Currently raising €30m for Vivo Insurance, an insurance carrier to be domiciled in Malta which underwrites niche, non-commoditized books of non-life business across Europe. Marco is currently the founder and CEO of Tempo Underwriting, a multi-line MGA based in London, UK and formerly founded JRP Underwriting, a UK and Irish property underwriter.

6,339 1,677 2

Ben Hedenberg

Managing Director • Big Ben Venture Partner Inc.

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Possesses a unique mix of legal, financial, operational and technical knowledge, which complements and extends Big Ben's entrepreneurial and financial expertise. He has extensive experience in new business start-ups and development. Proven entrepreneurial skills in introducing leading edge technologies, including strategic planning, market analy...

6,821 1,842 17

@Bizugocom • IPO, Gov & Investor Relations

  • Investment Banking
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Bizugo is a global specialist consulting firm with a focus in investment banking and government relations. Our goal is to grow your business and believe that with commitment, knowledge, professionalism and dedication, we can take your business to the next level. Our team of seasoned professionals have extensive backgrounds in corporate acquisitions

3,527 1,870 4

Andrew Peciorin

CEO • CoinNomics LTD

  • Financial Services
  • Birmingham, England - United Kingdom

Crypto Currency Development, Alternative Financial Source, Credit Solutions, Financial Solutions, Market Development, Projects Development, Blockchain, Smart Contract, HyperLedger, Decentralised Bank Development,

2,274 1,433 4

David Parlons

Founder, Chairman & CEO • Kentucky Oil and Gas Plc

  • Oil and Gas
  • London, England - United Kingdom

I founded Texas Oil and Gas and listed this company on the UK market in 2000. I founded Louisiana, oil and gas Plc...

12,291 3,799 0

Tony Vaughan

Managing Director • Vexus Corporate Limited

  • Business Brokerage
  • London, England - United Kingdom

I run two M&A businesses operating in the mid-market space.We offer a range of highly confidential services to all our clients through two different brands: APV Consulting - Mergers & Acquisitions Vexus - Exit Advisors & Business Brokers Our clients include: private companies, entrepreneurs, professional investors and public listed comp...

5,409 3,573 0

Paul Leitao

Director • Mercurio Capital Ltd (UK)

  • Financial Services
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Acquisition finance for UK merger and acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs. We broker the best deal to leverage finance based on senior debt and contractual finance.

3,769 1,793 7

Christian Murray

Imagineer, Projects Producer • URESL, PHOTON, NEWFOODZ

  • Management Consulting
  • Bognor Regis, England - United Kingdom

570 408 2

Victor Gembala

Business broker

  • Financial Services
  • London, England - United Kingdom

3,774 1,846 1


real estate agent • Roni estates ltd

  • Real Estate
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Nina Hudnik, Master’s degree in Business Studies, real estate agent (license no: 01372), director of Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o., Slovenia. Introduction: I have been engaged with the company Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o. since its very foundation. Working with people is fulfilling and exciting. Daily business in the real estate agency is diverse, full of

7,631 3,977 4

Pandit Shankar Lal Acharya

Vashikaran Specialist • Pandit Shankar Lal Acharya

  • Consumer Services
  • Kenilworth, England - United Kingdom

Vashikaran specialist is a person who can solve all your problems related to love, marriage, career with love marriage specialist practice in UK,Canada Shankarlal Acharya is a very popular Vashikaran expert who has been in this field for several years now.

1,399 208 1

Shane McQuillan

Founder • TrustedIn Trading

  • Financial Services
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Founder TrustedIn Trading , a new block chain based social media platform for the financial sector. You can find us on

3,776 1,759 1

Novarise Secrecy Banking


  • Banking
  • Blackburn, England - United Kingdom

We provide a range of bespoke Banking Services, which include Anonymous Bank Accounts..."No Name" Card Accounts...Money Transfer Services and Be Your Own Bank solutions (Banking Licenses).

2,112 774 1

Martin Nielson

Managing Partner • International Capital Mgmt

  • Financial Services
  • Canary Wharf, England - United Kingdom

International executive highly experienced in capital raising, public listings, and mergers and acquisitions. Hundreds of acquisitions completed and billions of value created in building companies.

3,764 1,789 0

Dr. Richard Corline

CEO/Chairman • INA International Ltd

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Reigate, England - United Kingdom

CEO- responsible for providing venture capital and arranging acquisitions of synergestic health care companies involved in lower limb bio-medical equipment solutions

3,312 1,036 1



  • Banking
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Providing assistance with design and implementation of the provider and beneficiary network including provider contracting in the areas of banking services. assistance with the creation of business relationships with U.K companies and companies in Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East. assistance is also provided to enterprise who seek loans f...

3,638 1,216 0

Mahesh Jayanarayan

CEO • e Med Pharma Group ltd

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • London, England - United Kingdom

22 years with two of the leading Wall street firms. 20 years in IT and Technology driven business. Currently involved in mHealth

3,430 1,056 1

mark salvin

Managing Director • Swift managed Services

  • Information Technology
  • Bayswater, England - United Kingdom

I currently head Swift Managed Services a ITSP based in London, provided IT and telecom services to Businesses based in the UK. I am also a director and shareholder of Get Recruited UK ltd based in manchester.

2,372 1,056 1

Roger Bell

Director • Oil ang Gas Professional

  • Oil and Gas
  • United Kingdom

In the offshore/onshore oil and gas industry Worldwide for 40 years. Equipment Expert in Well Control and drilling rigs and equipment. If you need a rig, services or solution we are able to help. Can supply all onshore / offshore oil rigs and equipment. Selling BOP's Well Control,Tubulars, Rental 20,000 PSI BOP x 11'' - HPHT.

10,564 3,363 9

Stephen Brown

CEO • Extravaganza Media Limited

  • Public Shells/Reverse Mergers
  • London, England - United Kingdom

Experienced Public CEO

6,801 1,837 0

Matin Leon

Direct Mandate • Apollo Investment Worldwide

  • Financial Services
  • Crieff, Scotland - United Kingdom

I represent Apollo Investments Worldwide, United Kingdom. I am the direct mandate to the Provider. We have available FC BG/SBLC for both Lease & Purchase We look forward to hear from you.

1,146 1,501 6


Business Consulting • CANAM GROUP

  • Online Media
  • United Kingdom

Online Business Consulting and Social Media Marketing Agency, offering a robust variety of dynamic solutions to Individuals & Organizations around the world.

40 36 1


CEO • Grosvenor Sterling UK Limited

  • Financial Services
  • London, England - United Kingdom

We specialize in large scale projects such as Agriculture, Airfields, Marinas, 5* Hotels and resorts, banks, Hedge funds and related fields. Our main core business is large scale funding via BG/SBLC and 95% Non Recourse loans in excess of USD$/GBP/Euros1 Billion.

3,775 1,810 9

Hazel Collins

Managing Director • Blueshift Property Group Ltd

  • Real Estate
  • London, England - United Kingdom

7,633 3,978 2

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