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C. Ross Hedges

Principal • Chelsis Financial

  • Financial Services
  • Plainfield, Indiana - United States

Chelsis Financial provides strategic guidance for motivated business owners and professionals. Whether planning to exit now or ten years from now, Clients count on us for insights that help unlock potential value in their business or professional practice. Clients realize up to 73% more value.

4,328 2,431 28



  • Machinery
  • Illinois - United States

Bill a CPA and MBA has extensive experience is building enterprise value and accelerating revenue by finding new revenue streams: new channels, new markets, new products and expanding the global footprint. He is the President of Eclipse Partners.

1,716 374 2

Gregory Donelson

Dir Energy-Resources-Renewable • International Mergers & Acquis

  • Investment Banking
  • Scottsdale, Arizona - United States

Since 1969, International Mergers and Acquisitions has been assisting business owners, corporate boards and executive management teams in advisory services and capital formation. We are focused on businesses that are solving the many problems brought about by finite resources and population increase.

6,772 2,656 28

James Adams

Partner/founder • Coastal Petroleum Corporation

  • Oil and Gas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - United States

Turn Key Driller and operator in PA,OH,OK,TX and,KY . 1000s of acres in lease holds. Can customize any deal structure to fit any sized investors. Will participate in all programs. To hear more, reach us at or call 702-321-5738 cell or corporate office 702-629-5459 ext 1 James Adams Managing Partner

14,168 4,588 3

Darryl Davis

Mananging Member • Davis Businesses LLC

  • Real Estate
  • Baldwin, New York - United States

Business Consulting with Realty partnership of Off Market Properties Wall st background, with background in banking, Operations Mgt, Project management and back office processing. Owned retail Business. Financial Consultant for Gas and Electric Company.

21,529 7,536 9

Michael Weiner

President/CEO • PreConstruction Catalysts

  • Financial Services
  • Olney, Maryland - United States

As a direct internal intake officer, I bring Ultra-High-Net-Worth corporate clients into a Non-Recourse Leveraged Asset specialized and regulated program, generating non-recourse recurring cash for humanitarian, environmental and infrastructure projects worldwide: Risk-Free, Regulated. European program.

8,981 3,343 22

Atsumasa Tochisako

President & CEO • Asiembra, Inc.

  • Financial Services
  • Rockville, Maryland - United States

I am an advocate and promoter of "The Project Phoenix" which is to form a truly innovative banking model in the US. The better change in banking industry can only be realized by the participation of "Like-minded experts from diversified industry" who are strongly committed for the perfection of the necessary change and evolution of banking model.

8,937 3,314 1

Sherry Hood

President/CEO • Digital Inventory Specialists

  • Computer Software
  • Bastrop, Texas - United States

An entrepreneur at heart, we developed various, unique, high profile software and businesses. Recently listed the sale of the last computer software, mobile apps, developed on Android/IPhone platform, websites, business assets. I am looking forward to retirement.

2,711 886 7

MazzGlobal LLC

Consultant/ Business Broker • Nicole Howard

  • Business Brokerage
  • Houston, Texas - United States

MazzGlobal LLC was founded, with a vision of providing Opportunities Globally. With hard word & dedication, we have reached our goal of being an established "Global" Consulting Services Company. Now, we work tirelessly, dedicating our time, to helping our clients reach their goals.

50 6,888 2

David Keene

CEO • United MedCare Capital

  • Health Care
  • Alpharetta, Georgia - United States

If you’re looking to sell, grow or otherwise manage the long-term needs of your healthcare business, consider working with the industry’s best at United MedCare Capital, a merger and acquisition advisory firm serving the healthcare market.

19,071 4,800 5

Aaron McElhiney

Acquisitions • Property Management Inc.

  • Real Estate
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - United States

Property Management Inc. is a full service property management franchisor with 200+ Franchise locations nationwide. If interested in selling an existing Management Business or starting your own PMI Franchise, please contact me! 801-341-0734

8,633 5,107 50

Jeremy King

Partner • Rizid LLC

  • Real Estate
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - United States

Builder / Developer

8,634 4,906 7

Jose Reyes

CEO • Universal Products

  • Consumer Goods
  • Detroit, Michigan - United States

Universal Products is seeking a company sale. Universal Products supplies product codes to Major USA Customers.

4,484 1,150 12

Bob Dale

Partner • Austin Dale Group

  • Computer Networking
  • Austin, Texas - United States

I've been in the IT industry for over 25 years as an owner, manager, coach, and M&A intermediary. My firm specialize in mergers, acquisitions, valuations, financial coaching, and business value enhancement for technology company owners who wish to grow and/or sell their privately-held companies. We've worked with all kinds of tech companies from...

3,197 856 2

Jeremy Feakins

CEO • JPF Venture Group, Inc

  • Capital Markets
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania - United States

Drawing on more than 30 years as a successful hands-on investor in early-stage companies, I provide investment capital, management assistance, expertise, advice and support for companies that wish to become a US or International public entity.

1,109 496 2

Richard Schatz

Co-Owner • S&S Infinity Oil

  • Oil and Gas
  • Kaw City, Oklahoma - United States

Drilling Superintendent North Sea, Operations Manager Kuwait, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Santa Fe Int. Country Manager Brazil, Pride International, Country Manager Thailand, Drill Site Manager Horizontal wells Co-Owner S&S Infinity Oil, Road Runner Energy Development 2,000 acre Kansas Mineral Lease estimated 30 million bbl/oil recoverable/produced

11,019 3,905 0

Roland Pinto

Chairman and CEO • Meiya Group Global Corporation

  • Airlines/Aviation
  • Washington, Washington, D.C. - United States

Chairman of a rapidly growing diversified international aerospace micro-conglomerate, serial entrepreneur, investor, 11,000 hour pilot, and turnaround CEO.

7,822 1,974 1

Bob Gamerman

VP • Soft Stuff Distributors

  • Food and Beverages
  • Jessup, Maryland - United States

Soft Stuff Distributors is the leading specialty food distributor serving the Mid Atlantic area. We are poised for growth organically as well as through acquisitions and expansion.

8,907 2,146 1

Andy Altahawi

President • Adamson Brothers

  • Banking
  • New York, New York - United States

Investment Banker. - We raise capital after qualifying your company with the SEC under the JOBS act, and we manage the process from A to Z. - Licensed Investment Banker specializes in regulation A+ fund raise, reverse mergers, S1 filings, IPOs and initiating SPACs (special-purpose acquisition companies).

1,979 3,695 0

Steven Denny

Broker • ABN LLC

  • Business Brokerage
  • O'Fallon, Missouri - United States

We work with buyers and sellers to find the ideal business fit. For buyers looking to grow strategically, an acquisition is often the best return on investment. For sellers looking to get the most out of their business, we utilize a comprehensive set of tools to help them realize their dreams.

4,967 3,597 10

Matt Mayfield • Camwood Capital Group

  • Private Equity
  • Austin, Texas - United States

Camwood is an operations focused buy-out firm headquartered in Austin, Texas that concentrates on high-quality companies in the lower middle market. Our acquisition approach is usually geared towards family or founder owned businesses in North America with either $2mm to $6mm of EBITDA or $8mm to $40mm in revenues and an industrial sector focus.

6,535 3,644 6

John Stiglmeier Jr

President • Sankaty Ventures, Inc.

  • Consumer Goods
  • Palm Beach, Florida - United States

Experienced, successful, passionate, senior level executive and entrepreneur. Seeking consumer products (non-durable) manufacturing acquisition opportunities and/or "C" level executive/director positions at small to mid-market privately held companies.

435 375 3

Steve Heraty

Mineral Oil and Gas Broker • Heraty Land and Minerals

  • Mining and Metals
  • San Diego, California - United States

Connecting Investors with quality Oil and Gas Exploration and Production projects nationwide. Concentrate on shallow low cost exploration and production under 8000 feet.Use science technology to increase success rates in exploration and production projects. Will consider both developmental and wildcat exploration.

5,429 1,318 3


Administrator • Ipelion Healthcare

  • Import/Export
  • Irving, Texas - United States

Successful entrepreneur, having wide industrial experience in online, healthcare, Textile, Diamond and real estate

9,807 2,796 1

Josh Bengson

CEO • ROIL Energy Llc.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - United States

Josh Bengson is the founder and CEO of ROIL Energy, LLC. With 21 years of experience in energy and development, Josh brings a level of professionalism to the oil patch that is unmatched. He looks forward to speaking with you and finding ways to work together for the betterment of each other and the energy industry as a whole.

11,153 3,959 0

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