DealStream is an online marketplace where people buy and sell established businesses, real estate, investment opportunities, financial assets, business services, and more.


Here's why you should sign up:

  • Huge Number Of Listings - DealStream has over 22,000 active listings and receives hundreds of new listings every week.
  • Wide Variety Of Listings - DealStream is a supermarket and not a boutique. It has hundreds of types of listings. For example, there are 9 types of financial assets for sale, including cryptocurrency, public shells, and mortgage notes.
  • Exclusive Listings - Many listings are only advertised on DealStream. You won't find them on any other web site.
  • Easy To Use Search - You can search listings by category, location, price, text, and many other criteria. You can also save your searches, schedule them to run automatically, and have them email you when they find listings matching your criteria.
  • Extensive Seller Info - You can view seller ratings and reviews submitted by other buyers. You can see listing stats that tell you how much interest there is from other buyers.
  • Search Genius - DealStream's proprietary Search Genius software sends you a daily email with one listing selected for you based on your interests. Powered by AI, Search Genius discovers listings you won't find on your own.
  • Safety - DealStream's TrustShield system helps you decide whether you can trust a seller. DealStream has extensive systems in place to protect you from bad actors.
Who Uses DealStream?

Founded in 1995, DealStream has over 620,000 registered users. They are mainly entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners and they work in over 150 industries, including:

  • Health Care - 7%
  • Oil and Gas - 6%
  • Restaurants and Bars - 5%
  • Real Estate - 5%
  • Hospitality and Travel - 4%
  • Financial Services - 3%

About 4% are intermediaries (business brokers, investment bankers, and real estate brokers) and about 3% work at private equity firms, family offices, and venture capital firms. DealStream users live in over 200 countries: 77% in the US, 8% in Canada, 2% in the UK, 2% in India, 2% in China, and 9% in other countries.

Buyer Testimonials

People love DealStream because it delivers a steady stream of high-value opportunities. Here are comments from actual DealStream users:

  • Wide selection of companies. Great search engine. I have purchased 2 companies discovered on DealStream. - David E. (DealStream member since 2012)
  • DealStream is constantly sending me opportunities that I would not otherwise have found. - Douglas K. (DealStream member since 2020)
  • I did 3 transactions this year with DealStream. - Jay W. (DealStream member since 2017)
  • Dealstream is the best business networking site, hands down. - Marvin R. (DealStream member since 2010)
  • I have used DealStream for 10+ years. I like its quality of listing and consistency. Bob Brauns has done a great job. - Mike A. (DealStream member since 1998)
  • It’s just a great place to find opportunities. The site is amazing. I hope you develop an app soon, but you are a godsend to entrepreneurs - Orlando O. (DealStream member since 2012)

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Buyer Plans

DealStream offers two plans for buyers:

  • The Basic Buyer plan is free and gives you access to a limited subset of features. For example, you can only inquire about 1,485 listings.
  • The Pro Buyer plan costs $40 per month and provides unlimited access to all features.

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