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55 ATM Locations Net 72,000

55 atm location with great contracts Net 25% or leave your money in the bank and receive bank rates. Not much work involved just receive a monthly check Receive processing fee and Interchange Tremendous upside potential to convert location to do vaulting You better hurry on this one it...

80 ATMs Net 150k Los Angeles

80 ATM Locations in Los Angeles Net $150,000 a year for only $450,000. Return on investment 33% Work 2 days a week or 2 days every other week. Great Income producer and great locations. This will go very fast

ATM Business Net $500,000 for Only $1,500,000

Are You Ready for this One Easy Package (150 locations) $500,000 net income yearly Total of ATM locations including ATM machine: 150 locations Yearly Gross Income for all 150 locations appx. $ 675,000 Pay to the location for all 150 locations appx $ 175,000 Net Income (take-home income)...

14 ATM Franchise Ventura And Santa Barbara

Hard to Get This Desired Location of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County with the most Desired ATM Franchise In the United States. Deal mainly with safe hard to get upscale hotels in this area. Service hotels such as Four Seasons, Marriott, Hilton, and Grand Plaza Price only $115,000 plus...

ATM Route in Santa Monica, CA For Sale

5 ATMs located in bars and restaurants in the Santa Monica, Ca area for sale. Long standing contracts with long standing vendors. All working machines in great locations.