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Canada Shells For Sale Ranked By Popularity

Seeking Struggling OTC's/Pinks

Tired of running your listed company? Running out of capital? Want to retire? I'm looking to purchase control blocks of stock in struggling/defunct OTC's/Pinks in the US or TSX/CNSQ in Canada. This is not an RTO proposal, we want to run the current business and make it better. We will look at all...

Wanted OTC Pink Non Shell For Cash Now

Wanted a Clean Pink Non Shell Cheap But Will Pay Cash Immediately! or Merge with a Nasdaq or NYSE Company or Similar London or Canada trading public company! We have a conservative multi billion dollar cash flow for the near future! We are totally Debt Free with a Perfect Credit Rating and we own...

Reverse Merger With Green Energy Franchise Project

The Group distributes for USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Russia, UAE and China Franchise Licenses for Green Energy Industrial Parks. The Franchise Partner must be an exchange traded corporation preferable a new Shell with local Management and the License will be paid by Shares. Lease Finance...

Tax Savings - Shelf Company For Sale

Great opportunity for tax savings. Have available a shelf company - $1.6M capital loss on the books allowing for ~$370K in tax savings - registered in good standing in British Columbia, Canada. Please contact me on LinkedIn [ external link ]

Seeking Publicly Traded Shell Listed In Canada-RTO

US company is seeking a clean shell company for an RTO. We would prefer a shell listed on the CSE if possible.

U.S. Cannabis Company Wants To Go Public In Canada

We have two dispensary licenses, one manufacturing license, and one cultivation license. We have built out a 15K square foot warehouse in Anchorage that will house the cultivation and manufacturing biz. Two other locations for dispensaries. Looking for a Canadian shell owner that wants to do...