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Top Reviewed Frozen Yogurt Business In Costa Rica

Top Reviewed Frozen Yogurt Business In Costa Rica

Fantastic opportunity to Live/Work/Play in a tropical paradise. Sol Frozen Yogurt is one of the best reviewed frozen yogurt places in Costa Rica. We are a growing franchise recognized by tourists and locals alike. Our menu includes: Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, vegan ice cream, Espresso Frappes, Crème...

Roll & Soap

B2B Local distributor of toilette paper and towel paper for offices and institutions. With more than 250 customers and more than 500 dispensers allocated in Guatemala City area. The business model is recurrent revenue based. The company is selling 3 times more than the average sales when acquired (2015).

Software Company

Software company with three legal entities (Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama) specialized in two vertical nitches with large potential, good growth and big players. Established in 2005. Located in the Technology Innovation Hub of Guatemala City, -TECH-II. The first software is proprietary development...

Panama Pacific Fishing Resort

Panama Blue Water Fishing Lodge Opportunity features fine guest accommodations, a waterfall pool/bar, the dining and activity gazebo all with unlimited Pacific views. Also in this offering is the Marina, the Fleet, a Highly Profitable Public Deep-Water Fuel Depot and a separate Gas Station on the highway...

Adult Club, Offshore, Out of the US

Brand new (2 years old) Adult Club with Escort service. All licenses and permits in place. Owner has done an excellent job of doing a solid establishment. Contact me for details.