About Us

DealStream is a social network for business professionals with over 500,000 members. We take the work out of networking by instantly connecting you to people in your industry and local geographic area.

How It Works

  1. You sign up.
  2. We search our member directory for people in your industry and location.
  3. We connect you.

It's as simple as that. You'll get hundreds, even thousands, of high quality connections in just a few minutes. And you'll continue to get connections as new people join DealStream.

Founded in 1995 by Robert Brauns, DealStream started life as a web site for buying and selling businesses. The site first added social networking tools in 2009 to assist buyers in finding businesses that aren't advertised for sale. Today, DealStream's networking tools are used for many purposes, including sharing information, finding opportunities, and, of course, buying businesses.

DealStream is owned by Brauns Online Media, which is a closely held company. Our mailing address is 245 First Street, Suite 1800, Cambridge, MA 02142.