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Paul Ruderman 2X Founder & CEO • NJ-based; Tech; Dist; Other

  • Computer Software
  • Montclair, New Jersey - United States

Experienced CEO, with over 15 years running companies in technology, healthcare, productivity, wholesale and distribution; Now looking for a very profitable business to buy and manage day-to-day; Open-minded to various industries.

20,350 3,640 3

Sherry Hood President/CEO • Digital Inventory Specialists

  • Computer Software
  • Bastrop, Texas - United States

An entrepreneur at heart, we developed various, unique, high profile software and businesses. Recently listed the sale of the last computer software, mobile apps, developed on Android/IPhone platform, websites, business assets. I am looking forward to retirement.

2,452 662 4

Paul Bauer Principal • Redstone Business Group

  • Computer Software
  • Oak Park, Illinois - United States

Looking to acquire multiple companies in the Technology sector and invest up to $50 MM over the nex 5 years. Looking for companies over 3 years old (no startups), however I'm not afraid of considering distressed companies.

11,778 2,532 0

Jay Sebben Principal - Fultonbridge Ptnrs • CEO - L Street Collaborative

  • Computer Software
  • Downers Grove, Illinois - United States

Professional M&A advisor with long history of successfully aiding entrepreneurs & family-owned businesses with critical strategic decisions. Strengths in services, technology and niche industrial. Owner of L Street Collaborative, a Chicago-based venture studio with a focus on buying and building innovative technology companies.

12,445 2,630 0

Chris Anatra President • NECS, Inc.

  • Computer Software
  • Branford, Connecticut - United States

President of a software company specializing in food distribution. Looking to acquire companies that can compliment our product line.

3,521 863 0

Sastry Chemudupaty CEO • Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Computer Software
  • Hyderabad, Telangana - India

Vicisoft is a software product company with operations in UAE and India. ViciDocs, flagship product of Vicisoft, is an integrated Document Management, Business Process Management, Record Management and Data Extraction product suite with rich functionality. ViciDocs is used by large number of customers in India, UAE, Oman & Africa.

2,892 752 0

Steve Nicosia President • Zen Advisory Partners

  • Computer Software
  • Penfield, New York - United States

Former software executive representing a group of investors searching for vertical software companies ($500K - $10M Rev) and IT Services companies ($10-$50 Million Rev).

3,009 765 0

sameer bhatia Founder & CEO • |

  • Computer Software
  • Los Angeles, California - United States

Sameer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of He founded the company based on the vision that knowledge should be freely available to people from all walks of life. Today, ProProfs tools for building & testing knowledge are used by millions of users each month. More at

13,861 2,815 0
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Ryan J. Peterson President • Good Burrito Co.

  • Computer Software
  • Middletown, Pennsylvania - United States

Entrepreneurial Executive with both Start-Up and Corporate Experience. I have a passion for establishing strong leadership and team building though incentives and culture development.

2,976 763 1
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Maxime Jobin Technology strategist • S2B Solution

  • Computer Software
  • Laval, Quebec - Canada

I am a entrepreneur that uses technology to help businesses increase their productivity while reducing risk. I am motivated by complex scenarios and lowering operating costs. Often seen as a problem solver, I analyze the current situation, detect problems and provide technological solutions for various business needs.

4,517 1,051 1
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Wayne Johnson

  • Computer Software
  • Panama City, Florida - United States

CEO and co-founder of a hospitality software company. I am arriving at the stage in my life where I desire to involve an investor who will (1) appreciate our corporate values of service and integrity, (2) possess necessary resources, preferably an existing IT company wishing to afford the benefits of synergy by enhancing the economies of scale.

2,481 677 1

Paul Saper CEO/Co-Founder • Sponsiv Digital Inc.

  • Computer Software
  • Austin, Texas - United States

On my third start-up as co-founder. Always open to looking for number four.

4,481 1,122 1

Jonathan Shapiro President, CFO, Co-Founder • Fragmob

  • Computer Software
  • San Diego, California - United States

Extensive experience in operations, technology, sales, professional investment, and advisory. Dedicated career to growing people, building teams, and strengthening organizations as well as mentoring many founders to help them grow their businesses into successful ventures.

5,098 1,181 1

matt grubbs president •

  • Computer Software
  • Las Vegas, Nevada - United States

I came from Aspen colorado to Las Vegas to flip real estate i drive a pick up truck ...and came to the realization that mine and everyone else was driving an underutilized empty cargo carrier.. hence, the uber of pickup truck sharing

5,464 1,160 1

Spencer Kay CEO • KayPro America

  • Computer Software
  • Huntington, New York - United States

I have extensive experience in starting and managing technology based companies with strong expertise in sales, marketing, business development and operations.. My last venture was the leading developer of enterprise software for healthcare providers.

9,506 1,869 1

Adam Engle Managing Partner, COO • Ideation Investment Group

  • Computer Software
  • Nashville, Tennessee - United States

3,741 899 0

Sean Slavik Managing Member • Chance6 Studios, LLC

  • Computer Software
  • Orange, California - United States

Investor. Publisher. Producer. Developer.

9,945 2,043 1

arnold mayambala IT Consultant • Hygrets Ltd

  • Computer Software
  • Kampala, Central Region - Uganda

I am an IT Consultant at Hygrets Limited and have been a member of Stk Engineering Company for 4 years. I have a degree in Software Engineering .

2,400 668 1

Jobin George T Co-Founder • FSIT

  • Computer Software
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka - India

Co-Founder of FSIT, an Enterprise Mobile & Web Application development company based out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

3,251 834 0

Todd Osborne Founder • SPeerz

  • Computer Software
  • Arvada, Colorado - United States

Todd is the Founder and CEO of Speerz ( He has over 15 years of experience in enterprise IT leadership, sales management, strategy, and business development with Virtual Instruments, CTERA, Oracle, Sun and StorageTek. He has a MBA from Michigan Ross School of Business and and Purdue Engineering degree.

6,630 1,395 1

Paresh Patel Co-founder • Abhisi

  • Computer Software
  • Mississauga, Ontario - Canada

9,874 2,194 3

Chris Anderson Director M&A • FOG Software Group

  • Computer Software
  • San Francisco, California - United States

Strategic buyer seeking vertical software companies in manufacturing, logistics, warehouse management, wholesale nursery, transportation and 3PL industries. The FOG Software Group is a division of Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX:CSU).

6,175 1,331 1

Olin Reams CEO • ConceptDraw LLC

  • Computer Software
  • San Jose, California - United States

Technology sales and marketing professional with experience building market presence and success for emerging companies. Demonstrated ability to drive sustainable revenue growth in both domestic and international markets. Strong communication and leadership skills, with effective team motivational abilities. Excellent record of achievement.

5,813 1,197 1

Dan Tamkin Managing Director • Resurgent Ventures

  • Computer Software
  • Agoura Hills, California - United States

Experience as entrepreneur, VC, and CTO of large company; looking for software or transportation related companies

5,657 1,421 0

Chris Ruff Founder & CEO • Driven Growth

  • Computer Software
  • Seattle, Washington - United States

Chris Ruff is an entrepreneur with a passion for new technology and disruptive business opportunities. His executive leadership career spans over 25 years in the software, mobile and IoT industries focused in the areas of management, business development, marketing, operations and finance.

5,477 1,111 0