$140,000,000 Motion Picture Project

‘Warrior Brothers’

The Judean revolt against the Greco-Syrian Empire 167-165 BC


After the death of Alexander the Great, his huge Empire is carved up by his Generals.
A century later, Eastern Empire stretches from Turkey all the way to Persia, but it is nowhere near stable.
Its ruler is the pious but erratic King Antiochus IV, nicknamed “The Mad One”.
Palestine, around 175 BC.
As is the Greek custom, the religious climate is tolerant. Many Jews have adopted Hellenized customs. However, the
traditionalists Jews refuse to worship the Greek gods.
Antiochus IV is in a trouble spot when he loses Egypt to the Romans.
In Jerusalem, at the center of Jewish worship in the Temple, a power struggle breaks out when Antiochus IV deposes
Jason and installs the Hellenizing Menelaus as high priest, but the popular Jason returns to Jerusalem bringing an army.
It’s the start of a civil war.
In a desperate bid to restore order Antiochus IV orders mass slaughter, and prohibits all Jewish practices. When the
rioting doesn’t abate, Antiochus IV sacks Jerusalem.
The Temple is defiled and rededicated to Zeus.
Somewhere in the countryside, a family of priests is fed up with the corrupt Hellenizes. They seize the momentum when
Antiochus IV leaves with his main army to wage war in Persia against the Parthians.
Mattathias the Hasmonean and his five sons, riding the growing anti-Greek sentiment, lead a guerilla war against the
Greek collaborators and the terror regime of Antiochus’ general Lysias, who continues to massacre Jews who dare defy
the ban on circumcision and celebrating the Sabbath.
Full-out war ensues, when part of the powerful Syrian army returns to meet the valorous Maccabees.
It takes several great battles, but at last the Jews oust the Greeks and the Syrians.
The Temple is festively cleansed and rededicated to its original glory

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