Childrens Entertainment Startup Needs Investors

I'm a great music artist and producer.
I have a childrens project that I need funded ,
it's called Bubblerock.
I want to start a music & TV label for kids.

I have a website , pitch deck and PDF on budget , info , videos and music
on Bubblerock for investors to view apon request.

My Bubblerock youtube channel has a huge following , this kids love it.
Youtube and record companies make tons of money with their ads on my videos
With my entertainmnet label , we will be the ones making the money.

The Business

I've written , played , sung and recorded on 800 songs and for other people too.
I also have produced over 800 retro music videos for my
Bubblerock youtube channel.
I've finished a childrens pop music album and also want to make
a combination CD/DVD video and storybook package and in the future a cartoon series featuring all the music.
I want to start a record label and release the music so it will cost a total of 5 million dollars.

The market is taylored to all children from 4 to 13 years old.

My Bubblerock youtube channel.
It has over 800 music videos including 300 of my Dan Ban songs.
I have a huge following , 30,000 subscribers and over 30 million views.
I pull in over 2000 subscribers and over 1 million views a month.
I do no promotion , they just come to me as I upload videos
of music and cartoons and comedy for the kids.


The childens entertainment is a billion dollar industry
especailly if have a genius like me who understands kids.
I'm like The Beatles and Walt Disney rolled into one person.
I want to make TV series and market the music globably
through radio promotion and TV networks and retail stores.
Profits can be achieved as little as 4 months after the music is released.
The TV series will take around 4 months to 1 year to do and then profits will follow after a couple of months after.

Market Plan

I want to start a record label and release the music so it will cost a total of 5 million dollars.
To do the job properly , it will require the following options -

1) 2 million dollars for release , marketing , radio promotion and CD/DVD video duplication and distribution
It would be a combination music and video promo and book and cartoon animation package for the kids.

2) Just release a few singles singles - Probably around 400,000 dollars it depends which PR and Radio promotion company and distributer I hire.

3) The rest will be the cost of running the record label , rent , staff , and business inquires and living exspenses.
That should be 600,000 dollars.

I know where to go and hire all the music industry PR , Radio & Distributers for the project.
Also I can go straight to Universal records and hire their services too.
A lot of people don't know big major record companies will put out your Album if you pay them , they get no profits , just the fees to hire their services so we cut out the middle man and own all profits ,
only a record distributer would get percentage in some cases , it depends who I go to.

4) The rest will be used of other artists that I will sign and more of my future projects , so 5 million will do for now.

I have around 300 Dan Ban songs and 4 CDs all finished
and ready to go to be released by Bubbelrock label.

Contact me and invest and have any questions ,
I am located in NYC.
Let's Rock!

Peace & Love.

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