11 capped oil wells on 20 Acres - Asking price: Undisclosed (submit an offer)
• Across from Disney New Headquarters
• 20 Acres of Oil & Gas land includes 6 + oil wells richest in Oil & Gas minerals with 102 years of Proven Oil & Gas reserves, lots of mining near areas.
• 20.00 acres Oil & Gas Fields ID# 2848-011-001 Grandfathered-in Capped Idle wells with proven reserves.
• Production reports available with Dept of Oil & Gas of Los Angeles County, California going back to 1800 done by numerous major Oil companies
• The chromatograph shows a concentration between c7- c15 meaning this is very close to diesel & gasoline.
• Property is Free and clear
• Sold As Is
• Seller will carry-back if needed.

No current production: No Production since early 1980’s
• 2 1/2 barrels per day report files by Charles Townsend filed in November 1982
• 2 1/2 barrels per day averaged back in 1902 in very shallow wells about 520 feet Page 68- Operator Freeman & Nelson-
• Furnished fuel oil for drilling rigs from 520 feet deep wells
• Considerable Gas Findings

Geological Evaluation & Survey Estimate
• Standard value of oil fields is equal to cost of total hydrocarbons produced for the last 3 years
• Very possible the value of our oil fields is worth much more based on total hydrocarbon left underground.
• New technology & higher price of oil should justify cost to drill & complete
• According to new Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology, new reports can recover up to 90% of hydrocarbons left underground in our fields
• Large amount of hydrocarbons was already recovered from our oil fields. Static pressure of oil producing formations drop a lot & oil from adjacent land could migrate into our fields.
• Remote geophysical survey technology is over 93% accurate to measure the total volume of multilayer hydrocarbons up to 9000 feet deep hydrocarbon deposits contouring & optimal drilling points with GPS accuracy at our fields.

• There are no rods, tubing or tanks
• Casing histories are enclosed in report
• Oil from Core Lab Report: 44.5 gravity API, Viscosity 0.7 centipoise, Oil Density 0.8 g/cc @ 60 degrees
• Wells were probably never rod pumped, probably all production was flowing. No production records available, Only IP’s.
• Oil Reservoir: Fractured Schist
• 72’ in Willhoit well API #037-06253
• Porosity & Perm from Fractures
• Oil & Gas Saturation: unknown
• Formation Pressure & Temperature: unknown
• No current production or production records
• OOIP: unknown
• IP’s from 2.5 to 100 Barrels per day, with “some to considerable gas” (gas was not very valuable in 1898)
• Water cut unknown
• Possible Frack candidate & horizontal drilling
• Logs are enclosed with report
• 4 wells reported Initial production rates (see tabs #7,11,13 & 15)
• This is all that can be gleaned from the DOGGR records.
• A fluid level in the open well that we went to could give us a present pressure reading.
• Geochem survey could confirm presents of hydrocarbons
• But, we already have wells with oil production & the oil & gas seep at the bottom of the hill.

3 Logs
Tab# 34
Charles Townsend
Tommy Walker #1
Tab #6
James haggard
G. G. H. & O. #1
Mud Log
Tab #13
John & Herold Willhoit
Willhoit #1
All of the other wells were too old or only have driller’s logs.
Additional 237 acres of land - 3 parcels for sale located next to this land across from Disney's New Headquarters $75K acre

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