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Technology Holding Company For Sale

Advisory and technology holding company with shareholdings from several innovative European software companies as well as US technology patent is looking for strategic buyer.

Hotel in Seoul

Hotel in Seoul - Contact the seller for more details.

China's Securities And Futures Business License

China's Securities and Future Business License for sale. the company have not start any business yet, only registered for future sale of 100% of the company with license. date of registration: 2013, registered capital: RMB 20 millions, Sale: RMB 2 Billions. ask Goldman Sachs, how difficult...

Franchise Pizza HQ

Franchise Pizza HQ - Contact the seller for more details.

Buy-Over 2000+ Petrol Filling Stations in China

This investment grade business model is only suitable for oil producing countries. either they have jv oil refineries in china like aramco, or they already have storage tanks in china which they can easily build up a petroleum distribution fleets of tankers. if you do not have these 2. please do not...