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Seeking Public Shell Company to Do Reverse Merger

Florida based real estate company seeking a public shell active to do a Reverse Merger with.

Clean OTC Shell w/ Symbol Go Public Prices Rising

Updated February 27, 2018. I have a publicly traded shell company, on OTC markets, completely clean, no liabilities and easy to audit if you plan to file an S-1 or Form 10 with the SEC. I have supplied dozens of these companies with zero problems or complaints. Ready for your name, new symbol if you...

Private Company Seeks Public Shell Pink Or Otc

Private Company Seeks Public Company For Reverse Merger-Equity Only Esthetics Company In Florida. 20 Billion dollar industry.Poised For National Expansion Principals have proven track record, with International certification., and multiple trademarks. Non-Invasive fat reduction, and face improvement,...