A Data Storage And Social Media Network With 24 Provisional Patents Built In Conjunction With Amazon's S3 System With Apps Available In Both Itunes And Google Play Stores.

A hybrid-technology company in the data storage and social media space. A robust and proven software platform with multiple years of fine-tuning in place. This company already has mobile apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores with registered trademarks and established key relationships making this a turnkey opportunity.

This software system provides a secure data storage and social media service that enables a member to build a digital legacy to be passed on to many generations into the future. Safely upload and store digital images, videos, voice recordings, personal journal entries and documents of all types from your desktop or mobile device.

Social media is automatically kept private by default, but you can choose to share it with others and other social media platforms. In addition, a unique feature of this system allows for each member to be assigned a personalized URL, which allows the sharing of media to the audience of choice while keeping a members remaining files private.

This company's Mobile apps make it convenient and easy to securely upload media stored on a mobile device for backup and sharing.

Industry Opportunities: The major online data storage companies do not provide the ability to store all media types, nor do they have a user interface with all the unique features and the ability to push and pull to and from various social media accounts such as that offered by this company. Other social media accounts are not considered, nor used, as a repository for all media types. Most Social Media platforms, primarily Facebook, exploit their user base and related personal information through click analysis and purchasing habits. This information is shared with other businesses for a profiting benefit. Although the use of Facebook for example is free, users are overloaded with news feeds and banner ads and run the risk of their personal information and web habits being sold to other major players. Because their business model is based on free service and advertisement sales, the user is not guaranteed their data is secure, private or will be kept for a lifetime. Online data storage companies do not store all types of data files. These outlets are lacking the ability to create, store and share audio recordings and journal entries for example.

This Software Opportunity Is A Great Way For A Non-Profit At The Local, Regional, National, And International Levels To Build A Substantial Lifetime Residual Revenue Stream And Give A Service Back To Their Supporters. The Brand Name Could Be Left In Place Or The System Could Be Re-Skinned For A Particular Cause.

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