Architectural Design & Planning Consultancy.
Specialising in residential new build and conversions in both the private and public sector and has completed several commercial/industrial projects up to a value of £7.1M
Ref. CR193
Location : Bedfordshire
Asking Price : £140,000
This consulting firm was formed in 1997 after evolving out of a previous partnership and has amongst numerous Planning, Building Regulation and approved Inspectors for its professionalism, attention to detail and reliability of service. The business is owned and managed by the vendor, who is an architectural practitioner of more than 35 years’ experience and is supported by diligent and staff in administration and design preparation and offers the following range of architcture, interior design and building management services to a wide variety of clients.

Barn Conversions
Institutional (inc. schools and public buildings)
Sports Pavilions
Heritage Building works
Energy Assessment
Building Regulations
Professional Inspection Work
Project Management
The business has completed many different types of projects in the past and continues to provide a good mix of services to its clients with recent projects including domestic new builds, barn conversions and more rural developments such is its location within a relatively rural but very accessible part of England, within easy reach of major conurbations such as Milton Keynes and Bedford. Projects are managed within a circa 40 mile radius of the firm’s offices but has taken individual projects in project locations further afield including Liverpool, Newport, Barmouth, Isle of white, Colchester, Chester, Reading, Newark, Grantham, King’s Lynn, Stroud, Braintree, Belmont Circle, Hull, Lewisham, Mill Hill, Birmingham, Eastbourne and Newcastle although becoming more localised as practice matures.

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