Spectacularly impressive engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1992, located in the central United States, manufacturers the formed tube components critical to all-sized radiators and heat exchange devices in the automotive and trucking industry. As well, the company engineers and build the massive tube mills capable of the same, for larger vehicle producers, aero space and appliance manufacturers, and the OEM suppliers who can afford them. Their UK manufacturing division was formed in 2013.

After a few years of struggle*, demand has recovered: new Purchase Orders and WIP, rfp's from new customers reflect a skyrocketing market share due to competitive advantages. As well, the recent fold of a major competitor has attracted many of their long-time customers. Refinancing debt of $6.5M accumulated in the tough years, the company is looking to the long term. Prospects are very bright.

*Over 2014-2015, a swing in the currency exchange gave overseas competitors pricing advantages. The European division was just hitting its stride, and the company continued to take on the development of new designs to maintain relationships (for overseas customers).

2016 returns were positive, and Consolidated (US and UK) 2017 EBITDA is projected to finish strong: $1.4M, from gross revenues of $14M. It is a great opportunity to build a stronger position in a competitive market. Please contact me for more information. Thanks for any consideration.

2017 consolidated (projected) $14,000,000 EBITDA $1,400,000
2018 consolidated (forecast) $17,000,000 EBITDA $1,495,000

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