For sale is a B2B software platform product in the binary options market. The platform is sold to brokers (financial institutions, banks, forex brokers, binary brokers, binary start-ups) so they can offer binary options as a product to their retail clients. The pricing currently consists of a one time upfront fee plus a fixed monthly support fee.

After the purchase of the license, the company performs the integration work, which includes a unique design as well as the server setup. This process takes about 30 days. After that, the broker pays a monthly fee in exchange for technical support.

Highlights & Key Assets:

o Key asset is the platform and all the code. The main benefit is that the work is done on it already and can be leveraged even further.
o Unique business model
o Market that has room for growth (not saturated)
o Low upkeep requirements
o Recurring revenue
o Product plan and full write up for a new version of the platform (which will allow for lower costs) will be included