A 200 room resort hotel is available in the Bahamas for 30 million plus estimated 20 million for rehab, negotiable, advertising management, and staffing in place. The hotel is adjacent to a cancer clinic guaranteeing 100% occupancy. The hotel is associated with a one to two-week cancer cure with a money back guarantee. The cancer program is separate from the hotel investment. The hotel investor owns 90% of the hotel and income but is committed to the cancer program for 5 years. The cancer program's expected gross return from the cancer program is an annual 100 million dollars. An investor in the cancer program will have an option on the next clinic. An associated charity will cure leukemia and brain cancer in children. The expansion will be worldwide. Only historic proven cures are offered. This program is available for REIT's and hotels that do not have 100% occupancy. We have selected four additional locations. Investors projected profits minimum 30 M to 60M annually/ ask questions. Can also include hydroponic farm which cures disease with it Organic products. The farm of the future. Food will run out in the coming years. Details available. Do not waste my time. The investor is virtually guaranteed 60M annually per location both programs. Be ready to act. We will cure 10,000 people a year of cancer.