There are not many places in Nova Scotia that offer an owner and it's guests the kind of experience this property can. If you're looking for a fairly easy, safe, and secure opportunity to operate an accommodations business without much stress or you have a vision to create an iconic retreat destination, this is worth looking into.

You're a fan of nature, the outdoors, and breathtaking settings, yes? Then we're sure you'll absolutely love experiencing your customers excitement as they share their day of adventure and excursion around the natural environment and cultural significance this spectacular area has to offer. Bay of Fundy cliff and sides = a full photo reel and deep memory log to enjoy.

Comfort, guidance and shelter to come home to is the offering. In return, you'll find a thankful customer who has been provided a truly unforgettable experience. Your property is one of the finest in the province and your recommendation to local food + dining will ensure absolutely delicious simple meals with local and wild ingredients are enjoyed, tweeted, facebooked, and reviewed with the highest ratings.

This retreat property offers guests 5 fully self contained 2-bedroom chalets, with all the amenities necessary to unwind, relax, and enjoy some of the finest aspects of life. There is an additional fully equipped studio unit that could be used as an owners quarters if desired. (The current owners did live there and now they live off property)

There is room to grow at this property, both along the waterfront and elsewhere.

If you chose to take the time to investigate this lifestyle and business, I can assure you the worst case scenario would be a life experience you'll feel great about and want to share with your friends and family.....a visit to the property and area.

We've visited and have stayed many properties around the province and this one will always be on our list, it should be on yours too.