Established six years ago, this Beverage Retailing and Wholesaling Company earns annual receipts of approximately 80,000,000 baht (the owner will disclose profits margins with interested investors). With exclusive rights to distribute and sell some of the world's most famous brands of alcoholic drinks within Thailand, the company makes 90% of its revenues from wholesaling, and distributes to famous hotel chains, supermarkets and restaurants within a 200 kilometre radius. The owner feels compelled to place the business on the market, however, due to personal family reasons; he states that the business has massive potential and when we disclose some of the household names that are distributed, interested parties will almost certainly agree. The firm is located in a burgeoning area of Thailand, and the growth of the company is matching that of the locality. We cannot disclose the location of the business, due to owner confidentiality, but the headquarters building has total floor space of 300 square metres, with monthly rent set at 12,000 baht on a lease that runs until 2007; at that stage the lease can be renewed but the rent will increase to 13,000 baht per month. There are 13 full time employees in place and the monthly payroll totals 100,000 baht.