High volume Beer & Wine C-store located in a densely Hispanic area is available for acquisition. Established in 2008 and was later acquired in 2011 by the current owner of the business. Few competitors are within the immediate market area, but the growth of the business hasn't slowed down since grand opening due to large selection of alcohol and check cashing & money transfer services. Sales each year range from $960,000/year to $1,000,000+/year in gross sales and addition of the check cashing service has grown sales at a rapid pace. As a majority of the population in this area is Hispanic, the check cashing and money transferring service is rapidly growing which is increasing yearly sales each year. The owner of the business has increased the general selection of many varieties of alcoholic beverages since his acquisition of this business and this has done a great deal towards word of mouth spreading to the local area. Proactive marketing is still needed to fully reach the potential this business can achieve through weekly deals and flyers to nearby neighborhoods. Owner of the business recently put a state-of-the-art money transfer & check-cashing booth which was $45,000 in cost production. Products & services provided at this store include large selections of beer, wine, soft drinks, chips, phone cards, cigarettes, household items, check cashing, and money order service. Acquisition of this business would be a great asset to the new owner as this business increase in revenue in this densely populated area of Hispanics where there's never-ending demand for check cashing & money transfer services.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $85,000 (Included in listed price)
Inventory: $150,000 (Not Included in listed price)
Financing: 100% down at the time of closing or 50% Cash Down with SBA Financing for Qualified Buyers.
Year Established: 2008
Employees: 4FT/1PT

Facilities: This business is located in a 3,225 SF retail strip center with an extremely visible signage. All equipment is in impeccable condition and in working order. The store is featured with a state of art bullet-proof check cashing booth.Support/Training: Owner will provide training during a 2 week period for a smooth transition into the business.
Reason Selling: Other Opportunities.
Competition: Few competitors are within the immediate market, but this beer & wine store hasn't stopped growing since establishment and varieties of alcoholic beverages that are updated regularly which in result provides customers with wide range of selections.
Growth And Expansion: Alcoholic beverage selections increase for the inventory and addition of check cashing/money order has spread word of mouth throughout the area it's located in. Proactive marketing to nearby neighborhoods and business will increase revenue.

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