Oct 15, 2017Accredited Online US Career College Branch License For Sale---Windfall Opportunity!
This school, started in 1976, offers Bachelor of Vocational Education,Associates Degree, Diploma and Certification in technical training programs. The school is authorized to operate by the State Board of Private-Post secondary Education (BPPE), of the California Department of Education. The school is accredited by the Western Alliance of Schools and Colleges, and by The National Education Alliance. The schools training prepares graduates for employment as paraprofessionals in business, teaching and over 200 Legal Profession jobs, corporate instructors,plus provides a foundation college level credential/degree (Certificate,Associate, Bachelor),for almost any career path.

This business is ready to launch. It is a professional, online school primarily for persons seeking careers in business and/or legal related occupations that are in extreme demand throughout the United States. Students will also include Human Resources Professionals, business owners, executives, and managers, business employees, and public law enforcers. The business Licenses Branch locations in the United States. Proprietary materials include over 1000 pages of curricula, hardbound textbooks, the Licensing Disclosure Document, marketing materials, training aids, human resources materials, three web sites, enrollment materials, forms and documents, a registered service mark, and more.

The USA Branch Program involves a business and legal studies institute of user-friendly value and worth, consisting of a three to seven month self-study program, accompanied by four open-book exams leading up to graduation. Courses range for students from high school to college and into the workplace without avocation-specific courses. All of the textbooks and curricula for the courses and seminars are proprietary to this school, having been written specifically for this institution by professional business leaders, college educators, and attorneys from the public and private sector.

There are multiple and significant revenue streams inherent in this education business which can produce swift income, significant income, and continuing income--- and we will teach you all of them !

The need for private sector legal, medical technicians and business managers, marketers, and analysts t is at an all-time high.

Full operation can be initiated promptly upon purchase.
Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Start Up A New School Which Requires 3 Years Of Application Time With BPPE, and denial rates are very high. Start Earning Income Right Away. This school has been operating continuously for 41 years and our licensing program will save a new owner a Lot of Time And Money! The cost for anyone to replicate what you can license here for the right to operate as your own business would be in excess of $1.5 to $3.5 million, plus a lot of wasted time; or, you can license your home office for $7500 to $25,000, depending on which state. Offshore licensing fees vary by country.

Sellers will stay on as consultants for a period of time and train Buyers.

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