This Postal Services Agency is located in a Bangkok branch of Tesco Lotus, where it has operated for a year as part of a franchise operation. With thousands of shoppers regularly travelling to this well known supermarket, the shop saw revenues of 7,200,000 baht in the first 12 months of trade. Profit margins are small, however, and this figure led to annual net profits of only 300,000 baht. The owner has been encouraged by the early results of this business, but will relocate overseas within a few weeks. The agency must therefore be sold, and an asking price of 890,000 baht has been set, although this figure includes assets that are worth 650,000 baht. Opening on a daily basis, the shop is staffed by two full time workers who are paid 11,000 baht per month between them. The shop measures 15 square metres and operates on a three year lease and monthly rent of 22,000 baht.