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In the United States and many other countries © Mexican food consumed by most families at least once a week. The burrito à © tà £ o common as pizza or hambúrguer. But the contrário these two dishes, do not à © tà £ o easy to find a burrito in Brazil. It was this search for the burrito which led two Americans settled in our country, more precisely in Florianópolis, to create the first store prepared to serve the true Mexican burrito in Brazil.

Investment estimates:

. à rea MÃnima Required: 30m²
. Franchise fee: R $ 40,000
. Working Capital: US $ 30,000
. Capital for Instalaçà £ o: R $ 180.00 to R $ 230,000
. Initial Inventory: R $ 15,000
. Advertising rate: 2% Billing LÃquido
. Rate Royalties: 5% Billing LÃquido
. Billing MÃ © dio Monthly: R $ 80,000
. Return time: 24 Months

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