Chicagoland Retail Specialty Food Business with High Brand Recognition. Established for Years with Long Record of Profitability. This niche retail food business has operated for decades from the same high profile location servicing an affluent, loyal customer base. To many, the business has become a Chicagoland icon in its segment of the food industry. It carries an exceptional variety of quality fresh offerings in its food specialty. Well known for its knowledgeable staff which educates customers in everything from food preparation to nutritional values, the shop has developed its own band of “food groupies” who love learning about the products offered. Their extensive website includes 100’s of recipes for the fresh product sold in the store. Its well known brand could be proactively marketed to generate much larger revenue streams from the same retail business model or wholesaling by capitalizing on the brand. As is, the business has recorded years of profitability and presents an exceptional opportunity for an individual food service professional or a strategic Buyer. The business has been prequalified for SBA bank financing.