This is a great opportunity to gain an immediate foothold in the Industrial IoT software solutions market for a relatively low entry point.

The cloud IIOT platform enabling industrial to better manage operations and maximize savings. The solution has already helped a diversity of companies improve their quality, reduce downtime, and generate actionable data by providing them with the suite of services required for their IoT initiatives.

Our IoT SaaS solution provides companies with increased visibility and allows them to gain deeper insight into operations.

We help companies increase productivity and ROI by gaining greater insight into asset and resource allocation using machine learning and analytics. Our insight also leads to improved collaboration between Operations and Information Technology (IT) departments, which leads to reduced downtime and enables more efficient responses to IT job. Companies will quickly gain proof-of-concept.

This software is currently being used by Logistics & Energy alike customers in the Enterprise space. Can be scale much more with the right connections. The solution can be customized to different verticals very easily.

This is an opportunity for an international buyer whether they are a large Enterprise wanting to own their proprietary solution, an established software services provider looking for IIoT solution, or a OEM looking to accelerate its access to the market with more services.

There is a huge opportunity to increase services and support revenue, along with increasing proven repeatable revenue. All technology stacks are up to date and services are offered as SaaS on a per user licensed basis with multi-tenant functionality.
The software development is well mature so maintenance and development is very low, and little support needed from this intuitive solution.