A CNC Precision Machined parts manufacturer.
We provide a wide range of CNC machining and CNC turning services, such as:
1. Precision Machining Services for Mass Production, Bespoke and Prototype Parts.
2. Design, Production and Maintenance of Molds, Dies and Tooling Jigs,
3. Heat Treatment, Grinding and Welding.
4. Protective Finishes: Anodizing, Zinc Plating , Nickel Plating , Black Oxide and Painting.

Location provides easy access to major industrial estates at:
Amata Nakorn, Pinthong, Laemchabang, Amata City, Eastern Seaboard

BK Airport = 45mins
BKK City = 90mins

Our business is both local Thai and overseas customers.

Factory has plenty of potential and room for expansion.
Large car park for vehicles