It began in the mid-70s in Santos.
In this decade, Edgard Rauscher Son, begins to broker the sale of grain from farmers around the country and the big coffee brands.
After thirty years working in the coffee market, with its expertise and know-how acquired family rauscher solve mount a cafeteria that innovates the concept of coffee, offering several variations of recipes all the coffee base.
The concept derives from that enjoy coffee and an experience that begins from the environment to the pure pleasure of tasting the best extraction of this ancient beverage.
Besides offering the best coffee, the Coffee Shop Company also innovates by lancar the franchise system in 2011, not only reflects the way stripped and taken off to make coffee, but also as a great opportunity for future entrepreneurs.
Franchise fee: R $ 20,000; Working capital: R $ 3,500 to R $ 6,000; Opening Company: R $ 500 to R $ 1,500 Home Stock: R $ 8,000 to R $ 14,000; Installation (equipment, including computer science): $ 40,000 to R $ 52,000; Installation (construction, furniture and design): R $ 100,000 to R $ 114,000; Uniform and Training: R $ 3,500 to R $ 4,500; Average Monthly Billing in 5 years: R $ 42,000; Operating Income: 15.3%; Royalties: 4%; Marketing Fund: 3% (1.5% and 1.5% National Regional); Return time: 26 to 31 months; Franchise agreement: 60 months;