In business for over 30 years, this Company was purchased by the current ownership in the early 2000’s. The Company is known for its very large selection of comics and sports memorabilia. They have an outstanding reputation. The Company is operated out of a 3,500 square foot facility owned by the current owner. The interior is impressive, organized and displays the wide variety of product very well. This diversified business is a unique opportunity as it offers many options for a potential purchaser to consider. The current owner is open to a variety of structures for the sale.

The opportunities include:
Continuing to operate the business in its current location for a period of time leasing the space from the current owner.
The real estate could be purchased by the buyer.
Initially or at a later date, the business could be transitioned into an internet based business.
Inventory could be purchased without any obligation to operate the business in its current location and could be moved to another location or folded into an existing business.

Should a purchaser wish to continue the operate the business, there are multiple opportunities available to increase revenue. The owner remains open to additional suggestions regarding the structure of the sale.