This three storey Commercial Building sits on Koh Tao, and contains shops, a restaurant and a bar. On the ground floor are five shops, each of which is rented out for 13,000 baht per month. In four years, when the lease runs out, a new key money payment will be liable from each shop for the negotiation of a new four year lease. Above the shops sits a restaurant that is currently run by the owner, but could be rented out for approximately 80,000 baht per month. It is fully furnished and equipped, and has monthly net profits of 120,000 baht that could be increased easily, according to the owner. The top floor is home to a bar, with a terrace area, that only opens in the evening; this is rented out for 20,000 baht per month. This outlet will also be liable for key money in four years, along with the restaurant if it were to be rented out. The building was only completed in 2005, and net profits from the rental income and the restaurant income are estimated to be worth 1,060,000 baht per annum. The owner is amenable to providing owner financing terms, with the asking price payable over two or three instalments.

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