This construction company has a £2.5 million order book already this year. In common with the whole industry last year was very difficult, but this long established business has immediately returned to profit and growth with the recession having removed several competitors. This business was, founded in 1976 has been built on solid foundations and has a reputation for quality Construction, care and being customer focused. Over the years there have been many changes in the Construction industry, especially where technique, technology and of course client requirements are concerned. They offer a full range of ground work services including commercial groundwork, earth works, excavations, drainage and bases. They, have experience in a broad range of Formwork projects including Concrete frame Buildings, EFCO system based structures, Reservoirs, Bridges, Sub stations They have an experienced concrete placing Team. Slabs, tamped, brushed or power float. Walls, F4, Exposed Aggregate and textured. The projects undertaken include a varied range of projects from Bases, Swimming pools, Industrial Floors, Reservoir, Stadium terracing to complex multi-storey buildings.