Established five years ago, this Bangkok based Consultancy firm has over 70 clients on the books, including some of Thailand's leading corporations, car manufacturers, universities, banks, technological institutes and website developers. Providing a wide range of consultancy services, the company helps small businesses, factories and IT companies, and also provides product sourcing. One of the core services is the media buying consulting service, and the company has a high profile on Thai television through the production of infomercials. Other advertising mediums include CD Roms and complete promotional packages for the high profile customer base. The owner is looking for an investment partner to help the business grow to a higher level, and 49% of the company can be acquired for 3,000,000 baht; smaller parcels of shares could be acquired however, up to the 49% ceiling. The financial results in the last fiscal year saw receipts of 4,500,000 baht yield net profits of 900,000 baht.