Crane Hire Company.
Ref. IP015.
Location : South West
Asking Price : £1,000,000
The opportunity exists to acquire this crane hire company by way of a share purchase.

The Business started in 2003, initially operating as a sole trader, and was incorporated in 2009. Since then the owner is widely known in the southwest as the authority on cranes and heavy transport, and the Business as the premier crane hire company in the region.

Throughout the Southwest, this company is the go-to firm for hiring cranes (with or without crane operators) and for the transport of massively heavy equipment and machinery. The nature of the construction industry is such that for large players it is often more economical to hire additional or specialized cranes, while for smaller players, the outright purchase of a crane is not feasible. For companies that wish to relocate their plants or factories, or that have need from time to time to transport large, heavy items (e.g. a plane or a boat) it does not make sense to own vehicles and apparatus dedicated to one off tasks or jobs that are repeated infrequently. In either case, the need for which the crane or vehicle is required is typically of vital significance to the hiring business and the decision as to where to hire from is made based on reputation and referrals. In the south west this is the crane hire company that businesses turn to, having built its name on superior customer service, highly skilled staff, top quality equipment, and unwavering reliability, and all with little marketing or sales.